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Stop police and military brutality in Zimbabwe. Ban ED Mnangagwa from Davos.

The president of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has lost legitimacy. Zimbabweans are suffering and the government has launched a crack down on personal liberties. The economy is collapsing. Health delivery has collapsed, yet he continues travelling around the world in posh private jet. On 14th January 2019, protesters have been brutalised by Zimbabwean security forces. Live ammunition has been used againt civilians. Emmerson Mnangagwa must be stopped from traveling to Davos from 22-25 January 2019. The international community must stop propping up a dictator. 

Progress Mukanya
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Petitioning YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youtubemexico

Ryan Hoffman (Rayito) @DebRyanShow, El Pueblo Mexicano solicita se cancelen sus Redes S.

Ryan Hoffman (Rayito) @DebRyanShow, El Pueblo Mexicano solicita se cancelen sus cuentas de Youtube , Facebook, Twitter, Despues de deshonrar al pueblo Mexicano autoproclamandose "Representante de Mexico" y subir un video mancillando la bandera de Alemania.

aram vandit
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Petitioning Unicode, Apple, Twitter, Facebook

Add an Onion and a KMS Emoji

The current set of emoji is great, but it's not perfect. We think that by adding an emoji to signify an Onion and another emoji to signify one's will to end their own lives, we can improve the current asset of emoji. By getting the attention of the guys at Unicode, we can fix this major issue together.

dov36 Kaizo
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Petitioning Adalet Bakanlığı, İçişleri Bakanlığı

5816 Sayılı Atatürk'ü Koruma Kanununun Kaldırılması...

Kanunlarla korunan bir kimse acizdir, korunmasızdır. Yıllar evvel vefat eden bir kişinin kanunlarla korunması, bu kişi hakkında konuşmanın neredeyse yasaklanması ve bu kişiyi eleştiren bir kimsenin bazı ''kemalist'' kesimlerce eleştirilmesi, tehdit edilmesi, toplumdan dışlanması için hakkında kampanyalar başlatılması ve hatta hakkında davalar açılarak hapis cezası alması akıl ve mantık dışıdır. Allah'ın kitabı Kur'an, Resulullah (Sav.) ve dahi şanlı atalarımızdan hiç kimse böyle bir kanunla korunmadığı gibi bizlere kabul edip etmediğimiz bile sorulmadan önümüze tarihsel bir model olarak konulmuş ve getirdiği sözde yenilik ve değişiklikler şartsız kuralsız bizlere kabul ettirilmeye çalışılmış tek bir kimsenin kanun ve yasalarla böyle bir koruma altında bulundurulması doğru değildir ve bu durum asla kabul edilemez... Hakkında koruma kanunu bulunan kimseler hakkında ya ortaya çıkması istenmeyen bir takım gerçekler vardır ya da bu kimselerin hayat ve fikirleri, insanların hürriyet ve fikir özgürlükleri hiçe sayılarak ebediyen yaşatılmak istenmektedir... Günümüzde her türlü kutsala hakaretin bile özgürlük, çağdaşlık! ve insan hakkı sayıldığı böylesi bir zamanda bizler de herkes için gerçek adaleti ve eşitliği istiyoruz..! Bu kanunun, halk arasında herhangi bir nefret söylemine daha fazla yol açmaması adına anayasamızdan tamamen kaldırılması için lütfen kampanyamızı imzalayınız... 

Devlet-i Al-i Osmaniye
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Petitioning Twitter

Pidamos a Twitter que deje de silenciar a quienes denuncian actos de corrupción en Ecuador

La libertad de expresión y el derecho a ser informados son aspectos fundamentales en la vida democrática de un país, durante años los grupos de poder que nos gobiernan han intentado callar a los opositores, especialmente a quienes denuncian casos de corrupción, en este sentido por denuncias o peticiones de empresas dedicadas a ello, Twitter se ha dedicado a cerrar las cuentas de quienes hacen estas denuncias, pedimos a esta red social que deje de hacerlo, como sociedad rechazamos que sean parte de la censura que desde los gobiernos nos intentan imponer.

Ecuador Noticias
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Petitioning YouTube, Google, Inc, Twitter

Petition to ban or demonetize Logan Paul and his content on YouTube

It’s no secret that both of the Paul brothers are notoriously un-funny and widely hated individuals in the online/Social Media world.  They are known for inappropriate, immature, suggestive video content that can be very disrespectful and harmful, intentional or not. Their fan-base mostly consists of impressionable young teens and fan-girls and their content is highly risqué, potentially dangerous, and has caused a lot of controversy and hate from many fans, viewers, and even YouTube stars of the same genre (and beyond). With the recent event of Logan Paul posting a graphic Vlog entry showcasing a recently deceased individual in Japan, on what is notoriously known to be grounds where suicide is prevalent (and often considered sacred ground to the Japanese) it has become clear to many that he has let stardom and vanity go to his head.  The video is a trigger to many suffering from suicidal thoughts, it is disrespectful to the culture and the individual, and it has shown a high level of problematic ownership on YouTube. Whether or not his apology is sincere, the intention was “to raise awareness”, or the whole thing was fabricated (because I wouldn’t put it past him) it’s just not okay and he needs to be stopped - but it a diplomatic and mature fashion.  I’m hoping that, with enough signatures, we might be able to get his account demonetized or (even better) banned so he can stop profiting off of dangerous content and his young viewers’ click-happy ways. I don’t want to see anyone’s life ruined by content like this - even Mr. Paul’s (no matter how irresponsible and stupid he may be) - but this is just taking things too far and it needs to be stopped. With your help we may be able to set an example that can positively impact how internet idealogy progresses in 2018. 

Al D.
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Petitioning Facebook, Twitter

The Arsene Wenger Stadium/Stand

Arsene Wenger should have the Emirates Stadium renamed in his honour.  Paul Merson and Alan Smith believe the most fitting tribute to Wenger would be to name their stadium in his honour as he leaves the club. Both believe "They should drop the Emirates bit - they don't need the money - and name it the Arsene Wenger Stadium," Merson, who played for Wenger, told Sky Sports News. "That's his stadium. He built that. He made that stadium. Even if they called it the Emirates Arsene Wenger Stadium. He deserves to be on that." Smith added: "I go along with what Merse said. I think it's a great shout - to name the stadium after him would be a fitting tribute. "Obviously, clubs these days are unwilling to forego all of the millions that come with naming rights, but I think that would be fantastic." Yet prior to the naming rights it was known as Ashburton Grove. Arsenal should change this name and keep the sponsors name. This will keep everyone happy. However if not the stadium a Stand at least in his honour.

Phil Graham
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Petitioning Everyone, The CW, Cool People, Twitter

Cancel Riverdale

This show is ass and deserves to be cancelled (as well as its viewers for watching such an ass show). It shouldn’t have made it past season 1 and honestly, I’m surprised it made it past the first episode. I’m sick of seeing Riverdale shit on Twitter. Riverdale content on Twitter is taking away from good, quality content like memes and dog videos. I have more acting skills in my pinky alone than everyone on this show. My rabbit is more likely to win an acting award than the actors on Riverdale. Cole Sprouse needs to stop trying to play a weirdo who wears a hat 24/7. WEARING A HAT ALL THE TIME DOESNT MAKE YOU A WEIRDO, JUGHEAD (only thing weird about you is your stupid name). Seeing pictures and videos from this show always ruins my day. If you’re ready to end this atrocity, join me and sign this petition. Together, we can make television a better place. Thank you for attending my Ted Talk. 

Groys Tateshi
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Petitioning Netflix, Kelly Bennett, Ted Sarandos, David Wells, Facebook, Twitter, Reed Hastings, Jennifer Aniston, Mathew Perry, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Michelle Obama

Keep Friends on Netflix

Netflix thinks it is okay to remove the single best sitcom in TV history. IT IS NOT OKAY AND WE WILL NOT STAND FOR IT. Sign this petition so we can stop this tragedy before it occurs! 

Casie Akins
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Petitioning Twitter


"Twitter станет как Facebook уже на следующей неделеСервис микроблогов Twitter в ближайшее время ждут серьезные перемены. Как стало известно изданию Buzzfeed, уже на следующей неделе твиты в записях пользователей начнут сортироваться не по времени публикации, а в соответствии со специальными алгоритмами. Теперь Twitter будет сам решать, какие именно записи пользователь хочет увидеть в первую очередь – так у же не первый год поступает Facebook. Источники Buzzfeed не сообщают, будет ли переход на “алгоритмическую” ленту обязательным для всех, или при желании можно будет сохранить хронологическую сортировку." - Источник: Buzzfeed Пользователи социальной сети вывели тег #RIPTwitter. Твиттерские против нововведения, так как Твиттер теряет свою индивидуальность, которая так полюбилась всем. Если Вы тоже против новых обновлений, то подписывай петицию, и именно с Вашей помощью мы сможем вернуть прежний Твиттер. All the love .xx

Энни Томлинсон
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