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Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok
Every year, thousands of people take their life because of online abuse. A life is worth so much more than a nasty comment. Following the death of Caroline Flack and so many others who have suffered at the hands of trolls online, I am inspired to encourage a real change so that this doesn’t have to happen anymore.  So many people are growing up only knowing social media and being exposed to this kind of behaviour from such an early age can cause mental health problems, identity issues and low self esteem. We should all be able to express ourselves in a constructive manner without having to degrade somebody else in the process. Today I am asking social media companies to help me bring this change. First things first. We need to make it ILLEGAL to abuse people online. You wouldn’t be able to go up to someone on the street and abuse them without consequence so, why is it that social media and the wider internet has become a safe haven for this to happen.  Second of all, we should make it a requirement that people signing up to create social media accounts online should have to provide ID to prove who they are and how old they are. This can help social media companies tailor the type of content people see in order to protect them and in addition, enable people to be held accountable for their illegal behaviour online. Finally, in order to keep our young people safe I am requesting that anybody who has committed sexual offences or has been forced to sign the sex offenders register should be forced to declare this when signing up to social media. My reason for this is that people are more accessible online than they may be in the real world therefore it makes them more vulnerable to being targeted. Implementing these measures will keep them safe.  If you have any questions about this petition or want to discuss it with me, contact me on Instagram @nohun_ Until then, I hope you will join me in making social media a safer and more accepting place for all.Read more

Raurie WilliamsBirmingham, United Kingdom
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
"You R***i L*** Ch***le! You deserve to be R***d M******ed!" Welcome to our world of abusive online existence. Dear Policymakers, Digital Platforms, Bystanders and Harassers, The Internet is a public platform, viewed as an open, transparent, democratic and equal platform used by all sections of society. Social media forms a large part of our professional and personal lives but with it, comes digital harassment and targeted abuse. The same protection we employ to keep our surroundings safe and safeguard our civic society is also required for our digital neighbourhood. Today content creators, stand-up comedians, storytellers and actors, as well as, all women who voice their opinion strongly, are constantly targeted with vulgar memes, abusive sexual comments, bullying, name-calling and graphic images. Death and rape threats are the new normal for most women on social media. Silence and inaction towards curtailing these have only further fed into the rape culture where threats of abuse have become matters of everyday occurrences. Currently, our only options are to ignore or Report/Block and move on with our lives. But nothing substantial comes out of this and these perpetrators of abuse continue to thrive and spread hate. They even have thousands and millions of followers and fan pages, thus, systematically normalising an environment of misogyny, homophobia and abuse. These virtual public spaces are a reflection of the real public places, where women are made to feel unsafe. Women in India have been conditioned to silence their fears, anxieties, traumas and targeted abuse. This becomes our way of life, but not without impacting our sanity, mental health, self-worth and dignity. Let this be our wake-up call towards the unsafe online environment that women content creators - and all women - are living in today. We must put a hard stop at this. PRESS HERE! We must create an environment that shields us against abusive trolling, rape threats, and vulgar memes. We, on behalf of all women on social media, demand that the social media platforms create an environment where threatening and abusing women is not celebrated and championed by thousands of followers and a rape joke is deemed unacceptable and intolerable. We want the violators to pay a price commensurate to the havoc they create on women's lives. We need strong deterrents; we need an end to the impunity that exists against online violence and abuse against women. We, the concerned citizens, of all genders, demand a safe and equal space for women online. SIGN THE PETITION To All Harassers We Say, Enough Is Enough! Here’s What We Want: We demand a safe space for women in all public forums and social media like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. An environment where abusive trolling, rape threats, vulgar memes about us will not be tolerated. The existing provisions of the law that protect women against sexual harassment and abuse must be effectively deployed to fight online harassment and abuse. For that, we demand intermediary liability and redressal in the below-mentioned contexts : a) We ask all leading content platforms to be responsible for the hate, targeted abuse and harassment meted out through their platform and employ stringent measures to check and correct and be liable and accountable for any such activity on their platforms. We want robust fact-checking, language flags, account monitoring and a more efficient redressal system. b) The platforms cannot disclaim their responsibility for the content and must invest in employing enough resources to promptly deal with complaints and reports pertaining to the intimidation of women. c) Platforms must take steps to ensure that such a flagged person is not permitted to make new accounts or go private with their existing accounts that continue to violate any laws under the Indian Penal Code. We also need speedier responsiveness from cyber cells, meeting a requirement to respond within 24 hours to complaints regarding abusive and threatening content so that the said platform can disable them.We hereby encourage Freedom of Speech, Preventive culture and Bystander intervention so that we are no longer silent spectators of gender abuse and hate speech on the internet. This is our active citizenship right and women's safety is a social responsibility. The time is now to choose a side! We can choose the path of safety or be mere spectators to the abuse our women face online. ACT NOWLet’s come together and proudly stand for #IndiaAgainstAbuse. Petitioners:Breakthrough IndiaMaanvi GagrooNayana ChowdhuryNikhil TanejaPragya VatsSayani GuptaSave the ChildrenSohini BhattacharyaYuvaaWomen in Cinema CollectiveRead more

India Against AbuseIndia
White House, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Tik tok
Children are openly being sexually exploited on Social Media. For Example: Instagram has done nothing to remove reported profiles. My friends and I have come across hundreds upon hundreds of profiles created and operated by pedophiles. When we report the accounts, we are almost instantly notified the account was not being removed because it "didn't go against our community guidelines." How is that so? These accounts are FULL of sexually suggestive photos of young children with an insane amount of disgusting comments from adults. Some of which we've come to learn with doing some investigating, work along-side children!  What is the point in having the report option if the accounts aren't being properly reviewed?  Our Goal: With your help we need to reach 100,000 signatures to have the White House respond to this issue. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik-Tok and Snapchat need to change the way they monitor reported accounts and there needs to be an option to report PEDOPHILIA, specifically. Once the account is deemed harmful to children, the IP addresses should be handed over to the FBI for further investigation. Adults who are seeking to exchange child pornography online are without a doubt physically abusing children around them. It's not enough to only report the accounts. There needs to be liability from the platform and from those who are involved in sexual exploitation. NO MORE SLAP ON THE WRISTS FOR THESE GUYS!  Our children are in danger the moment they log on social media. We constantly read enough about Pedo's receiving light sentences from judges or not jail time at all to only walk free and repeat the abuse. The number one priority right now needs to be protecting the innocence of children who are naive and not aware they could be groomed from a fake account pretending to be a child themselves. It took my friends and I less than 10 minutes to find account after account of children being exploited. If we were able to find the names of some of the individuals operating these accounts and locate their employers, there's no excuse for billion dollar companies to NOT DO MORE TO PROTECT THE WELL BEING OF OUR CHILDREN. Join myself and my friends Sara Beverly, Lottie Adele, Sarah Moore, Dean Wato, Hayley and Jade in helping to police social media and hold the platforms accountable. Read more

Michelle Joy PhelpsLos Angeles, CA, United States
Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Switzerland, Swiss Government, BBC, CNN, European Union, United Nations, US Congress, Red Cross, Twitter
The president of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has lost legitimacy. Zimbabweans are suffering and the government has launched a crack down on personal liberties. The economy is collapsing. Health delivery has collapsed, yet he continues travelling around the world in posh private jet. On 14th January 2019, protesters have been brutalised by Zimbabwean security forces. Live ammunition has been used againt civilians. Emmerson Mnangagwa must be stopped from traveling to Davos from 22-25 January 2019. The international community must stop propping up a dictator. Read more

Progress MukanyaManchester, United Kingdom
Unicode Consortium, Apple Inc., The Samsung Group, Google LLC, Twitter
Be  Ru Dear Unicode Consortium, for more than half a year the people of Belarus have been fighting for their freedom and democracy. 33,000 citizens of Belarus were detained and arrested. Hundreds of people are behind bars, 220 of them have already been recognized as political prisoners. Several patriots were killed by the Lukashenka regime, some went missing. Only through unprecedented repression, which Europe has not seen since the end of World War II, the regime managed to hold out. Now Lukashenka is tightening all possible laws to prohibit people from expressing their discontent. Anyone who can challenge the regime is subjected to repression: free press, cultural figures, publishers. One of the worst bans is the ban on the Belarusian national symbol: the white-red-white flag. Under this flag in 1918 our country gained independence for the first time. In 1991, this flag, as a symbol of our people's striving for independence, again became the state flag. As soon as Lukashenko came to power, he returned the old flag of the BSSR, which was imposed on our country by the USSR. Belarus has become a country with different state and national flags. The persecution of supporters of the national flag began. It was forbidden to hang it in public places, to take it with you to the stadiums. With the beginning of the protests against the dictatorship, the national flag became a symbol of the struggle of the people of Belarus for their rights. Under this flag, such heroes of the new Belarus as Alexander Taraikovsky and Roman Bondarenko were killed. Lukashenka's regime has begun a new round of struggle against the national symbol of Belarus. Even for a flag hung out at home, you can go to jail. In turn, the authorities diligently hang the state flag on prisons and paddy wagons. Now a new round of hysteria has come: Lukashenka wants to make this symbol extremist. This means that for its use will face criminal prosecution. We ask the Unicode Consortium to support the people of Belarus in their struggle for their rights and add the national Belarusian flag to the Unicode encoding table. It is now important for Belarusians to understand that they are not alone in the fight against the dictatorship! Long live Belarus!Read more

Viačasłaŭ MichajłaŭBrest, Беларусь
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
I'm ashamed - once again - of the vile racial abuse that's been directed towards footballers. These are young men, playing for their country. They've united the nation and made us all proud of their achievements at Euro 2020. To have that tarnished by the abuse they've received is appalling. Many of us have spoken out about our anger at this and how sickened we feel by it. So let's do something about it.  Social media platforms must be held accountable. They have to introduce stricter policies to use their platforms. There needs to be certain requirements for creating accounts, such as identification, voice recognition, selfie videos - just take a leaf out of Monzo's book. Without this, these troll accounts might get shut down, but it's all too easy for them to go and create another account.  I fear that we'll otherwise shamefully see more hate online. Let's protect not just those in the public eye, but everyone who uses social media. Show your support and sign the petition, please. Read more

James MassoudLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
Ekrem İmamoğlu, Twitter
Kedimizi 2 3 aylıkken sokaktan sahiplendik. Neredeyse her kedide bulunan viral virüs kedimizde kuru FIP hastalığına dönüştü. Sürekli bağışıklığını güçlendirmek için tedavilerine verdiğimiz paralardan astarı yüzünü geçti ve daha fazla maddi durumumuz buna elvermiyor. Kesin bir tedavi için GS-441524 ilacını temin etmek istiyoruz. Yavrumuz 7-8 aylık, 2 kilo 300 gram. Kuru form FIP olduğu için dengesizlik, halsizlik hep vardı. Fakat şimdi durumu ağırlaştığı ve geçirdiği atak yüzünden ön patilerini kullanamıyor ve tek bir gözünde de hasar var. GS-441524 ilacının bu hastalığa iyi geldiği saptandı fakat ilaç yurtdışından alındığı için çok pahalı ve bu yüzden sizden yardım istiyorum. Bu hastalık yüzünden yüzlerce kedi hayatını kaybediyor. Lütfen destek olun bu küçük canı kurtaralım. English We adopted our cat from the street when she was 2 3 months old. The viral virus found almost in her cat turned into dry FIP disease in our cat. The money we spent on treatment to strengthen her constant immunity is now gone and your finances do not allow it. We would like to provide the drug GS-441524 for a definitive treatment. Our cat is 7-8 months old, 2 kilos 300 grams. Since the dry form is FIP, there was always imbalance and weakness. But now, as her condition worsens and because of her attack, she cannot use her paws and there is damage to one eye. It has been found that the drug GS-441524 is good for this disease, but it is very expensive because the drug is purchased from abroad and therefore I want your help. Hundreds of cats die because of this disease. Please support us to save this little life.Read more

Gözde CerenIstanbul, Türkiye
Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat
Not only is the thought of killing dogs absolutely agonizing but to torture them before they die?! Now that is inhumane. Help sign this petition regarding the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in which 10 000-15 000 dogs are brutally slaughted for the celebration of boosting the local economy around a sadistic event that was already taking place. A large portion of these dogs are often stolen domesticated canines that are harshly abused before they die. This annual event angers me as majority of the people in China don't even consume the dog meat. I do not have enough words to convey the importance of the correct treatment towards animals let alone these defenseless suffering dogs that have no say in this. We can't boycott the streets of China but what we can do is we can promise, we can promise to try and not support Chinese products and we can sign this petition that will create awareness and spread the important notion of preventing animal cruelty in China.  We all have voices and powerful ones at that, we need to start using them.  Remember we have a choice, the animals don't. Read more

Cara PritchardSomerset West, South Africa
Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter
As it appears social media platforms such as Instagram will not view this as a problem and want to fix it, I and many others want to. It's often that images such as self-harm, suicide, death, rape etc are posted quite frequently on social media. I want to stop this, I want to protect vulnerable children and adults from the images as well as support the people who are uploading them so they can receive the help they need. This doesn't only affect us but them too. I have seen things I cannot begin to describe, and children as young as 8 can see these even by accident. I have reported, blocked and tried to contact these social media platforms and nothing. Apparently, this is okay, and it is NOT okay. Help me to get the word out to social media platforms so we begin the change and keep vulnerable children and adults safe.Read more

Jasmin ProctorIpswich, ENG, United Kingdom
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
It's common for social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)  to confuse non sexual nudity (the human body in its natural form) with "sexually gratifying content". Resulting in systematic censorship, termination of our accounts and lost of our work. As a community of content creators we want to be able to promote body positivity by sharing content that includes nudity used for artistic, documentary, educational and medical purposes without the fear of being censored or banned. Petition: Depictions of non-minor persons of any sex either in public or in private in a non-sexual, nude state shall not be prohibited by social media sites or their providers if and when the depictions are intended by their disseminator to be of an artistic, educational, or documentary nature and/or facilitate the formation of an educated opinion on a subject whereby the unclad persons depicted must have given their permission – either expressed or implied – that their image be stored or transmitted by electronic means.” The definition of non-sexual nudity is any bare-skinned or clothes-free state that prima facie does not intend to cause or induce sexual arousal or sexual gratification. What started as the censorship of a naturist content creator turned into a movement against the censorship of the human body. Open letter to YouTube, after they closed my channel today, May 16th 2020. My name is Hector Martinez.I'm a creator of naturist content and since 2016 I've been an active advocate of naturism on YouTube. The purpose of my channel is to educate society and in doing so promote society's viewing the body as what it is: natural and normal. I am also the president of the non-profit Mexican Nudist Federation ( an organization in Mexico whose goal is normalizing the human body and promoting body positivity. I think we can all agree that modern western society has trained us from an early age to see nudity as something wrong, something harmful or strictly for sexual gratification; a point of view that we believe has caused countless social and psychological problems. In my videos I document, both visually and in the narration, that nudity isn't synonymous with lewdness, erotism or sex. That is now, and has always has been, the sole purpose of my channel. But now , in an unexpected turn of events/unexpectedly, a decision has been made by someone - or something - at YouTube to remove my channel. And with something as simple as the flipping of a virtual switch, hundreds of videos, the support of 1.3 million subscribers, and over 200 million views were wiped out. Hours, days, and weeks of video documentation of the nudist movement in Mexico and, in particular, my experiences as a Mexican naturist were instantly blocked on the platform. This isn't just censorship of me as a simple content creator, but it is a form of institutional silencing of a grassroots movement by a platform that, up until now, had promised to be a place where millions of naturists worldwide could have a voice; this is especially important since our community has been systematically expelled from nearly all the other mainstream social media websites. It's particularly surprising, given how over the last three years I have been able to upload over a hundred videos on your platform; videos that aligned with the accepted depiction of nudity under your community guidelines, these being "for Educational and Documentary purposes". But it hasn't always been easy: the algorithm you at YouTube use to identify sexually explicit videos constantly flagged my videos and doled out strikes for supposedly breaking the community guidelines; however, I appealed the decision every single time and each time a real person looked into the matter, the videos were unblocked and, consequently, the strikes struck from my record. This tells me that real people, not algorithms, can identify intent; case in point: as soon as a real person is involved, the following happens: the true intent of a video I've uploaded to my channel becomes obvious to the person checking the video, who then determines that the video in question is not intended for sexual gratification, and my channel and the video are restored. I ask you what's changed? What's different this time? Why is it that, while your policies say that in order for a channel to be eliminated it must have at least 3 strikes, you eliminated my channel which doesn't have any? So YouTube, I have two simple questions for you: 1.) what is your stand on this as regards my channel, and 2.) why are you so inconsistent when it comes to naturism on your platform? On one hand, you acknowledge that nudity doesn't always have to be, and f'm quoting you here, for "sexual gratification" and, accordingly, your terms and conditions make provisions for that. But on the other hand, it seems your content checkers aren't able to tell the difference. I think all of your subscribers and content creators would benefit from some sort of consistency in this matter and would appreciate an answer. You could, of course, try to hide behind the easy one-size-fits-all idea that nudity in public is always lewd. It's funny how, by deplatforming the one of the few voices who want to change this idea, you are, in a way, perpetuating such a mentality. As a naturist, it's scary to see how the censorship of our ideas has become all too common on the Internet we all use and enjoy. As I said before, my videos document my life as a Mexican naturist and, possibly more importantly, the growth and promotion of naturism in Mexico. By these means I aim to educate society in general and promote the view that the body should be seen as something natural. I know from personal experience that naturism has led to people having life changing experiences; it has helped them feel more comfortable in their own skin and gain a level of self-acceptance they didn't know possible. How is my work advocating naturism any different from any other social movement that aims to improve people's quality of life and self-fulfilment? I know I could choose to just get upset at the injustice of it all and learn to just let it go. Or I can choose to do something about it in the hope of being able to make a change. Youtube, it's time you take a stand on whether non-erotic social nudity is welcome on your website and for you to tell our growing global community whether we are an unwanted minority on your platform or not. #YouTubeTakeAStand End of letter.Read more

Simplemente HectorMéxico