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Subway: Stop supporting cruelty to chickens!

For quite some time, Subway’s footlongs have been a regular lunch time go-to for myself and many others. As a busy student, it’s important for me to have access to food that works for my budget as well as my health. Until now I was under the impression that Subway was the solution. Unfortunately, I will no longer be eating at Subway. The reason I have chosen to boycott Subway is because I recently found out that the chickens in its supply chain endure horrific abuse and cruelty. Chickens raised for Subway's supply chain spend the majority of their lives crammed inside filthy, windowless sheds by the tens of thousands. They are bred to grow grotesquely large at an unnaturally fast rate and are violently shackled, electrocuted, and slit at their throats while fully conscious. These abuses are not what you’d expect from a restaurant chain that prides itself on food quality, but they’re the sad reality for chickens raised for Subway’s supply chain. Fortunately, several major restaurant chains have released comprehensive chicken welfare policies to address the myriad forms of cruelty to chickens in their supply chains. Some of these companies include Quiznos, Chipotle, Shake Shack, and Starbucks. Until Subway joins its competitors and commits to addressing the cruelty in its supply chain, I hope you will join me in boycotting Subway! It’s time for Subway to release a policy to provide birds with more space and a clean, naturally lit environment, shift away from fast-growing breeds of birds, and eliminate live-shackle slaughter methods. Please, sign my petition and let Subway know that you won’t be dining with them until they adopt a meaningful animal welfare policy that spares birds from the worst abuses they currently endure in its supply chain.

Lia Hyman & The Humane League
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Subway: Queremos um Sanduíche Vegano!

Meu nome é Mônica Buava. Desde pequena, sempre gostei muito de frango, porco e boi - vivos e livres. Aos 16 anos descobri as crueldades que faziam com os animais na indústria da carne e me tornei vegetariana, e aos 19 anos descobri que não era diferente com a indústria de laticínios e ovos - e decidi me tornar vegana. Era difícil encontrar opções 12 anos atrás. Mas, ao longo dos últimos anos, vi um crescimento exponencial da conscientização dos consumidores - consequentemente, vi restaurantes, lanchonetes e mercados passarem a oferecer BOAS opções de refeições veganas e proteínas vegetais. No entanto, o SUBWAY, maior rede de lanchonetes do Brasil, parece ainda não ter despertado para a importância de ter uma boa opção de sanduíche vegano, com proteína vegetal. Já somos 5 milhões de veganos no Brasil - e, enquanto várias lanchonetes de bairro já têm deliciosos sanduíches veganos nos seus cardápios, o Subway continua sem uma boa opção para nós. Não adianta a empresa dizer que o sanduíche que está no cardápio como “vegetariano” é uma boa opção: tire o queijo e terá um belo pão com salada (sem graça e sem proteína). Por isso, criei este abaixo-assinado para pedir que o Subway ofereça um sanduíche vegano. Precisamos desta opção. Isso vai beneficiar muita gente: cerca de um terço da população consome refeições vegetarianas ao menos 2 dias por semana. E o Subway pode servir de exemplo para outras redes de lanchonetes no Brasil. Outro motivo para este pedido: eu e mais da metade da população brasileira temos intolerância à lactose em algum grau. Quem sofre com isso não pode consumir leite, queijo e nenhum derivado. E o sanduíche “vegetariano” do Subway tem na sua receita... queijo! Não estamos pedindo para o Subway virar vegetariano como um todo. Tudo o que estamos pedindo é que essa crescente fatia da população, da qual faço parte, tenha uma boa opção para comer quando vai a uma das 2.096 unidades do Subway espalhadas pelo Brasil. Assine e divulgue para mostrar que você se importa com os animais - e com o nosso direito a ter o que comer quando vamos a uma lanchonete! Por favor, Subway, lance um sanduíche vegano no cardápio!

Mônica Buava, com a Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira
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Subway: Make your veggie patty egg and dairy free!

We all know Subway.  It's around every corner, providing a range of sandwiches among other foods. Here's what we want Subway, it's pretty easy: Your veggie patty contains egg and dairy. Meaning meat eaters AND vegetarians without egg/dairy allergy can eat it. Allergen menu can be found here Why not spread your market with a simple change? Why not have EVERYONE able to have the veggie patty? With the elimination of egg and dairy from your veggie patty, you've widened your costumer base by hundreds if not thousands. That includes vegans and those who are intolerant to egg or dairy. You don't need egg and dairy in your veggie patty. Just a slight recipe change. Sure that may mean investing a bit of time to see what recipe works best, I mean the veggie patty is quite tasty. It's just the egg component that is there only to stick everything together. You can use other things instead.  Examples for egg replacements: Water and oil Ground flaxseeds Ager-ager Potato strach Banana (yes even a banana!)   I can give you dairy replacement, but... do you really even need dairy in a patty?   All you have to do, is remove the egg and dairy. It's that simple.  No egg and dairy = many more costumers Sounds like a sweet deal to us.     Please sign and share! 

Nikki Lovato
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Petitioning Chick-Fil-A, McDonald's, Arby's, Subway, KFC, Taco Bell, Hardees

End Single Use Plastics in Fast Food

Single Use Plastics (SUPs) such as Styrofoam cups, plastic bags, and to-go containers are a major source of pollution. Made from crude oil, they are often disposed of indiscriminately and migrate to the ocean where they break apart and kill birds, fish and other wildlife in large numbers. They emit BPAs that are absorbed into the food chain, and may contribute to cancer in humans. And most importantly, they last forever, never breaking down. There are safer, biodegradable, and sustainable alternatives to all SUPs. Fast food restaurants are a large contributor to the problem, and could easily switch to safer containers and packaging. By taking a leading role in eliminating SUPs in the consumer market, fast food purveyors can help reduce toxicity in the environment, reduce global warming, and contribute to a more sustainable planet. Please join me in asking fast food companies to set the example for consumer packaged goods. We can have a cleaner, safer planet through simple changes.

Walt Smith
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Feed the homeless for a day

On Thursday, January 2, I was in New Orleans with my friend to watch our school The University of a Alabama play in The Sugar Bowl.  We had the pleasure of taking a homeless man who was cold and hungry into the Subway Restaurant at 112 Royal Street, New Orleans. I asked the man to go through the line and order what he wanted and I would wait at the register to pay for his meal.  When he got into line the Manager, Randy, began to call him a douchebag and insulting him over and over.  He told Randy he had money and pointed to me. Randy yelled to me not once, not twice but three different times "Why are you buying this son of a bitch (or douchebag in one of the questions) food? He doesn't deserve to eat." Three customers who had already ordered complained to him about the way he was treating the homeless man and about his foul language and walked out on their orders. He called those customers names as well and said he didn't need their business.  Although I was so angry I was shaking, I did not retaliate or say anything back except "I'm buying him food because he is hungry." I feared that if I fought with him he would not let me buy the food the homeless man wanted and desperately needed.  He continued cursing and calling the man names and glaring with contempt at me and my friend.  We completed the transaction and several of the employees and the homeless man thanked me.  I wish I could have done more for him but I'm a college student and don't have much money myself but I knew I could afford to feed a starving man. The next day (Friday, January 3rd) I called Subway's corporate number and a CSR took my complaint and said someone would be in touch with me within 48 hours.  I waited, no call.  I called back on Monday, January 6th and complained again.  My original complaint was still on file and I was told it would be submitted again and I would be contacted within 48 hours.  I did not receive a call from anyone from Subway so again today I called them.  After discussing the complaint again with a CSR and wanting to speak to someone higher up in the Subway Corporation I was told no one was in today but I could leave a voicemail for a supervisor.   I feel this was discrimination against this homeless man and myself.  I was humiliated for him and embarrassed that a human being could be so cruel.I want Subway to take a day to feed the homeless of New Orleans.  There is no excuse for this behavior and they need to make it right.  An apology needs to be made to the man if we can find him as well.    On Subways Corporate website it's says the following: Our People, Our Communities We know that it takes more than just good food to nourish a strong people and build a vibrant community. It starts with taking care of people, the heart and soul of the SUBWAY® experience. We value the cultural richness and breadth of ideas resulting from the diversity that is fostered in who we are and what we do. We are dedicated to building strong business relationships through open communication, respect and by with each other as well as by serving our customers and our neighborhoods; much like we do within our own families. As the franchisor of the SUBWAY® brand, we draw on the strong entrepreneurial spirit and passion that exists throughout our organization to help shape and grow our business. We strive to and create opportunities for our franchisees, their staff, and the people within the communities in which serve. We continually challenge each other to succeed through teamwork, against shared goals & benchmarks, and to be accountable for our actions. We take great pride in our business and are committed to being good global citizens; to encouraging healthy, active lifestyles and to making a difference where we live and work around the world. Diversity Entrepreneurial Spirit Giving Back and Encouraging Healthy Active Lifestyles Making a Difference in Our Neighborhoods

J Brentzel
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UCD Student’s Union expand supply of Halal options across restaurants & Shops on Campus.

There are very few restaurants which cater towards Muslim dietary requirements in UCD. Only two facilities cater towards Muslim customers and this they do insufficiently i.e. frequent stock problems which limit the number of Muslim students that can be catered for. The location of these two facilities are on the eastern side of campus e.g. Centra and Chicken Shack which are both of inconvenient distance to students studying in buildings further away from the vicinity e.g. Richview, Newstead and UCD school of Nursing.   There is a significant population of both Irish Muslim students and international Muslim students (Estimated 300 in Health Sciences alone) who study in areas of the UCD campus where access to catering facilities that provide halal food, is cumbersome and due to the large population of Muslim students studying and working in UCD, the two facilities which can cater towards them are inadequate, in terms of being able to cope with high demand for their services. Catering facilities are available to the general population of UCD students within each faculty’s buildings, providing easy meal access. However, Muslims students are forced to walk significant distances to reach facilities which can cater towards them, resulting in students being late to tutorials/seminars/labs and lectures. We ask that Fidelma Lavin, the Student’s Union and the named restuarants, cafe's and shops expand supply of Halal options across more restaurants and shops on the UCD Belfield campus, in a method that makes them accessible to the substantial population of Muslim students in UCD studying in all faculties at a reasonable price. As well as improving the supply of the current facilities which may cater towards Muslims students. (Centra and Chicken Shack) as to combat stock problems.

Rosaleen Aljohmani
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Petitioning Red Lobster

Fast food companies: Have vegetarian,vegan and healthy choices on your menus

Vegetarian and vegans need more fast food options

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Petitioning Subway

Tell Subway to stop pretending their workers are apprentices and pay them the minimum wage

Subway UK are pretending their workers are 'apprentices' so they can pay them half the minimum wage.If enough people sign this petition we can shame them into treating their workers with more respect.

Tom Pride
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Make Subway Singapore Halal

Why is it that Subway in the UK is halal??? What about Singapore where we have a higher percentage of Muslims? To all Singaporean Muslims who have had to travel to Malaysia just to get the sweet taste of a footlong, PLEASE HELP TO MAKE A CHANGE. And to all non-Muslims, for the sake of racial harmony and more dinners at Subway with us, PLEASE SIGN THIS. It is not fair to deny us a harmless sub. Please take the time to harrass Subway to employ some halal workers and get a MUIS cert. Yours Faithfully From A Muslimah Who Always Needs To Buy Subway From Johor

Shaik Syasya
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Should Subway open a restaurant within the Cumnock, East Ayrshire Area.

As I've grown up within the Cumnock town for 19 years now, I have always had to travel to Ayr or Kilmarnock for a Subway. Many people say they would love a Subway in the area and it would be a great idea to bring healthier food restaurants to Cumnock. It could be very busy with our neighbouring towns such Auchinleck, New Cumnock, Murkirk. Also with the new Super School being built it could be a potential hot spot for lunch time school deals in the years to come. 

Jordan Hendry
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