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Make shops have posters listing cruelty free brands or sections dedicated to such products

Over 100,000,000 animals are killed each year due to animal testing.90% of those animals are killed for no reason because although the cosmetics were deemed appropriate for use on animals, they go on to fail the human testing. In shops, it’s hard to decipher between cruelty free and non cruelty free when you’re in a rush. You automatically go for what you know, rather than stopping and researching because it’s time consuming. With posters up around stores, listing cruelty free brands, or sections dedicated to cruelty free products, it’s easier for consumers to opt for cruelty free brands. If we start replacing our products cruelty free brands then we can all do our bit to help and protect those animals who are being exploited, that do not have a voice to protect themselves. I was reduced to tears after seeing a picture of a small mouse with their delicate face burnt after being subjected to the cruelty of animal testing. Over the coming weeks I will sit with my make up and skin care, and destroy all make up and skin care products that still test on animals, and replace these with cruelty free brands. As human beings, the only fully conscious beings, we should have the intelligence and duty of care, to say no to animal testing. Please sign this petition to help people make better choices and stop unnecessary animal abuse & exploitation.

Katie Herron
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Scrap greeting cards in John Lewis that promote harmful levels of drinking

As the founder of, an online website for people experiencing a problematic relationship with alcohol, I see every day the carnage, sadness, and physical and emotional damage caused by the excessive use of alcohol. The 50,000 members of Soberistas are all striving to be sober in a society that promotes heavy drinking at every turn. This is despite the fact that just a few alcoholic drinks each night significantly increases a person's risk of breast cancer, early onset dementia, liver disease and around 60 other conditions and illnesses associated with alcohol consumption. The UK is (embarrassingly) known as a binge drinking nation, all over the world. We would like to see a cultural shift that steps away from the normalisation of heavy drinking in order to show future generations that they can be happy and have fun without being blind drunk. We are not a reincarnation of the Temperance Movement! And we see nothing wrong with alcohol usage in moderation. But when stores and other public organisations overtly trivialise the seriously damaging use of an addictive drug that is the biggest risk factor for death, ill-health and disability among 15-49 year-olds in the UK, we feel as though something has gone tragically wrong.  There is a long way to go in terms of changing the UK's attitude towards binge drinking but we think John Lewis could be a brilliant champion of positivity regarding this issue and really help in getting the ball rolling :-)

Soberistas Ltd
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Turn BHS Romford in to a John Lewis store

BHS closes its doors for the last time on Sunday 28th August 2016 and thoughts are already turning to what will replace the store in Romford’s Liberty Shopping Centre. The sad and rapid decline of BHS has led to one of Romford’s largest stores (and employers) closing its doors, leaving the employees of the Romford Branch with an uncertain future. The store itself is quite a large unit, and as a local resident, I would like to see the unit occupied as soon as possible to ensure secure jobs and opportunities for the people of our community. With this in mind, I believe that whoever takes over this vacant unit should be an employer who can offer its work force long term stability. For example; I don’t believe that a pop-up Christmas shop or seasonal fireworks shop would be appropriate. I also cite that Romford town centre plays host to an increasing number of low cost stores, such as B&M, as well as £1 stores or 99p stores and I believe that, whilst these stores do have value to our local community, too many of these low cost stores can be detrimental to the amount of visitors our town gets from local communities including Brentwood, Chelmsford and other parts of rural Essex. With regards to the campaign, one of the main criticisms I had heard from people is that some of the community wouldn’t benefit from having a John Lewis in Romford because they cannot afford the prices of the store, but I believe that the entire community would benefit from having a well-established store on our doorstep. A company like John Lewis would provide secure jobs to the community, such as shop assistants, store managers, cleaners, stock assistants or security guards. I also cite that Romford plays host to a wide range of stores including Jewellers, Moss Bros, Marks and Spencer’s and stores like Superdry and Debenhams. These stores aren’t for everybody’s budget, but like £1 stores, they have an important role within our community.  As things stand, if you wish to visit a John Lewis store then you have the option to travel to Westfield Stratford City or Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent. Each of these stores can be hard to reach on peak shopping days, such as on weekends, as the roads are usually very busy.  You can get the train to Stratford and that takes around 20-25 minutes, but it’s a shame that business has to leave our local area in this way. In Summary, I feel as though a store like John Lewis would make full use of the unit available to them, whilst providing long term job security for local people as well as an increased volume of shoppers into the Liberty Shopping Centre and the local area as a whole.  Romford is a fantastic, vibrant and up and coming town and I would love to see this well established company invest in our community, and for our community to welcome John Lewis in return.

Aaron Cardwell
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We call on the board at John Lewis to pay the Living Wage to cleaners working at John Lewis shops and offices.

Thank you for your interest in this important issue. Fair pay is one of the core principles of the John Lewis Partnership and we share the Living Wage campaign’s objectives to pay employees fairly. We achieve that, however, through different means. Our policy is to pay the market rate for a job and as much above that as can be justified by performance. On top of that our Partners receive a share of our profits as well as other benefits such as a final salary pension (after a qualifying period). In relation to cleaning, with a few historical exceptions, the majority of cleaners who work in our branches are, as with almost every company, contractors. Most work for more than one company, often on the same day.  Like all retailers we work with many different contractors of various kinds throughout our supply chain. We could not operate effectively if all our contractors were Partners. We take our responsibilities to all our suppliers and contractors very seriously. We expect them to uphold good employment standards. We have made a number of improvements to the definition of those standards recently, including improved processes around contract placement and contractor management. However, we do not believe it is right for us to insist our suppliers or managing agents adopt pay policies that are different to our own by setting base pay levels well above the market rate.

5 years ago