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We need International attention and help towards Kerala Floods 2018

The Indian State of ‘Kerala’ has been facing the worst floods it has ever seen. At least 370 people are said to have lost their lives so far. The situation was never seen in Kerala in anyone's memory. At least 10000 people are stranded in areas badly hit by flood awaiting rescue, including infants, senior citizens, pregnant women, tired and hungry and in the face of grave danger. All of them could not be rescued, some lost their lives awaiting help.. without food, water etc for over 4 days. At least 300000 people are in relief camps. At least 1000000 people are displaced. Hospitals are under water. Dead were seen floating around. Relief workers and volunteers are struggling to get food, clean water and medical aid to those in relief camps. Fuel is out of stock in many places. It should be noted that the most courageous rescue attempts are carried out by the locals, fishermen and volunteers out of desperation, as the Government rescuers seem outnumbered and unable not reach many areas on time. The state of Kerala is looking at a loss of over 2.8 billion USD Please don’t get me wrong, perhaps the government officials have been doing everything they could, but apparently they seem to be outnumbered and overwhelmed. Locals and fishermen are seen conducting rescue operations themselves with whatever little they have. News channels like Asianet are actively helping too. Everyone is doing more with less..!! BUT, THIS DISASTER IS NOT YET GETTING THE ATTENTION IT DESERVES. THOUSANDS INCLUDING INFANTS, SENIOR CITIZENS, PREGNANT WOMEN ARE STRANDED IN THE FACE OF DANGER FOR DAYS WITHOUT FOOD, WATER OR MEDICINES, IN PLACES WHERE RESCUE SERVICES ARE UNABLE TO REACH. THIS QUALIFIES AS A NATIONAL DISASTER, INVITING ATTENTION AND HELP FROM ORGANISATIONS ACROSS THE WORLD. WE HAVE A NEW DIRECTION SINCE 18th AUG 2018, after seeing feedback from a similar petition: UN had responded to the other petition saying India is quite capable of handling such a calamity, and they could act only based on a request by our governments, and our governments have not made such a request so far. Our plea is now to the Honourable Chief Minister of Kerala and the Honourable Prime Minister of India, whoever should take a first step to: DECLARE THIS AS A NATIONAL DISASTER..! I read some arguments against this saying, to declare something as national disaster means to accept that the rescue and relief efforts by the state government has failed or are insufficient. I don’t want to make this political. I know nothing can break the Kerala spirit and we are doing the best we can, but do you think this was a grand success? Most of us cannot wrap our heads around the fact that thousands were trapped on roof-tops for 3 or 4 days sending distress signals, and they were promised airlift several hours later, first light of day etc. Infants, people with special needs, the elderly.. every hour is critical for them. They could just perish waiting for help. And perish they did. Not thousands sure, but hundreds. Chengannur was worse, many people were rescued by local volunteers, and not by government rescue services, the people who survived, said they did not even see a policeman come to their aid, no food packets, not water.. It is said that they were in isolated regions very very hard for the rescue services to reach. But food packets at least? Not to blame anyone, just to point out that the rescue operations did fall short in many places. So I still think this qualifies as a “National Disaster”. MAKE DECISION IMMEDIATELY TO ASK FOR MORE HELP, EVEN REQUEST INTERNATIONAL RESCUE AND RELIEF WORKERS TO JOIN US, WHEN THEY NOTICE THAT RESCUE AND RELIEF IS NOT PROGRESSING AS EXPECTED, WHICH IS THE CASE SO FAR. It is said that by Sunday, all rescue operations would be finished. But lakhs of people are displaced from their homes and in relief camps, THINGS ARE LOOKING VERY BAD in most relief camps. Some may argue it is ok, but don't you think our people deserve better? This is just the beginning, there would be more problems with diseases, hygiene, rebuilding the state and so on. Once again, local volunteers, school students etc are doing an exceptional job in relief work, but we think the Central Government should join them and help extensively, keeping all political differences aside. Please learn from the rescue operations, not to lose time in making key decisions, when something does not seem to work. I think declaring Kerala Floods as a "National Disaster" is needed also during this phase, so it attracts more global attention. I know that our rescue officials and locals and fishermen have been working tirelessly, and they have saved thousands of lives already, but we can no longer just rely on just one form of help. Although the Government Rescue Services have saved thousands of lives, hundreds also lost their loves because rescue was clearly falling short in many places. We should not lose time. People are still stuck in many places battling with lives. And then situation is very bad in most relief camps across Kerala. Then the state has to bounce back from it's severely damaged economy. This problem is far from over. We need more Global attention and more news coverage so that the Government of India escalates this matter to a "NATIONAL DISASTER" category and requests International Aid whenever they see that our efforts are falling short. This Facebook Page has all the details you need to make contributions for the cause:  

Arun Bhaskaran Nair
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Make Cantonments A Secured Place For Personnel and Families #CloseAllCantonmentRoads

To The Hon'ble President of India,
 Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces,  Rashtrapati Bhawan
 New Delhi 110004भारत के माननीय राष्ट्रपति, भारतीय सशस्त्र बलों के सर्वोच्च कमांडर, राष्ट्रपति भवन नई दिल्ली 110004 &  To all who want to build a NATION as a NATION ...and NOT DIVIDE IT ... FOR PERSONAL GAINS/और उन सभी को जो राष्ट्र के रूप में राष्ट्र बनाना चाहते हैं ... और इसे वितरित नहीं करें ... व्यक्तिगत लाभ के लिए  Ref: The review of closure of roads undertaken by the MoD on 19 May 2018रेफरी: 1 9 मई 2018 को एमओडी द्वारा किए गए सड़कों को बंद करने की समीक्षा We are the families of armed forces personnel living in various cantonments in India. With regard to the referred matter we would like to put forth the following points हम भारत में विभिन्न कैंटनमेंट्स में रहने वाले सशस्त्र बलों के परिवारों के परिवार हैं। निर्दिष्ट मामले के संबंध में हम निम्नलिखित बिंदुओं को प्रस्तुत करना चाहते हैं 
 1. The cantonments ( herein after referred to as cantts) are our homes for the duration and time of service of the member of our family serving the country in uniform. We take extreme pride and care in maintaining high standards of living within its premises.1. कैंटनमेंट (यहां कैंट्स के रूप में संदर्भित करने के बाद) हमारे परिवार के सदस्य की वर्दी में देश की सेवा करने की अवधि और समय के लिए हमारे घर हैं। हम अपने परिसर में रहने के उच्च मानकों को बनाए रखने में अत्यधिक गर्व और देखभाल करते हैं। 
2. Our children play in parks fearlessly, study in schools mostly located within the cantt premises and grow up in these cantts learning to be respectful of the environment and abide by the motto that cleanliness is next to godliness.2. हमारे बच्चे निर्विवाद रूप से पार्कों में खेलते हैं, ज्यादातर स्कूलों में अध्ययन करते हैं जो ज्यादातर कैनेट परिसर के भीतर स्थित होते हैं और पर्यावरण के प्रति सम्मान करने के लिए सीखने वाले इन कैंटों में बड़े होते हैं और यह सुनिश्चित करते हैं कि स्वच्छता ईश्वरीयता के बगल में है। 
3. The soldiers who are posted to border areas can do their duties without any worry about their families back home because usually they are safe and secure in the Separate Family Accomodations in cantt areas.3. जिन सैनिकों को सीमावर्ती इलाकों में तैनात किया जाता है, वे अपने परिवारों के घर पर किसी भी चिंता के बिना अपने कर्तव्यों का पालन कर सकते हैं क्योंकि आम तौर पर वे कैंट क्षेत्रों में अलग परिवार के निवास में सुरक्षित और सुरक्षित हैं। 
4. Most family accomodations, parks, shopping complexes, movie theatres and other places where we avail of fauji amenities are not enclosed by boundaries in most cantt areas. Your order regarding the opening of roads will greatly affect the security of these places.4. अधिकांश पारिवारिक आवास, पार्क, शॉपिंग कॉम्प्लेक्स, मूवी थिएटर और अन्य जगह जहां हम फाउजी सुविधाओं का लाभ उठाते हैं, अधिकांश कैंट क्षेत्रों में सीमाओं से घिरे नहीं होते हैं। सड़कों के उद्घाटन के संबंध में आपका आदेश इन स्थानों की सुरक्षा को बहुत प्रभावित करेगा।
 5. Each one of us has lived in cantts for several years and has never heard of events such as eve teasing, littering and other petty crimes. Your decision has lead to removal of all barricades and check posts and stoppage of all checking by sentries leaving us seriously vulnerable to such incidents.5. हम में से प्रत्येक ने कई वर्षों तक कैंटों में रहना है और कभी भी चिढ़ाते हुए, कड़वाहट और अन्य छोटे अपराधों जैसी घटनाओं के बारे में कभी नहीं सुना है। आपके फैसले से सभी बाधाओं को हटाने और पदों की जांच और प्रेषणों द्वारा सभी जांचों को रोकने का कारण बन गया है जिससे हमें ऐसी घटनाओं के लिए गंभीर रूप से कमजोर बना दिया गया है। 
6. Till date we could stay safely within the cantts knowing no matter what the dangerous nature of the jobs of our serving family member is, his/her family is secure in a cantt. The sense of safety and security was wiped away in an instant with your order to open cantt roads.6. आज तक हम कैंटों के भीतर सुरक्षित रूप से रह सकते हैं, इससे कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता कि हमारे सेवारत परिवार के सदस्य की नौकरियों की खतरनाक प्रकृति क्या है, उसका परिवार कैनेट में सुरक्षित है। कैंट सड़कों को खोलने के आपके आदेश के साथ तत्काल सुरक्षा और सुरक्षा की भावना दूर हो गई थी। 
7. In today's civilian society even the smallest apartment complex, mall, theatre has security guards put in place by the management. In your eyes we do not deserve even this minimum security that our civilian counterparts enjoy. With your order you have taken away the right of the armed forces personnel to protect his own home.7. आज के नागरिक समाज में भी सबसे छोटे अपार्टमेंट कॉम्प्लेक्स, मॉल, थिएटर में सुरक्षा गार्ड रखे गए हैं। आपकी आंखों में हम इस न्यूनतम सुरक्षा के लायक नहीं हैं जो हमारे नागरिक समकक्षों का आनंद लेते हैं। आपके आदेश के साथ आपने अपने घर की रक्षा के लिए सशस्त्र बलों के कर्मियों का अधिकार हटा लिया है। 
8. It is moot to bring to your notice once again that the attacks by terrorists on army camps have increased in recent times as we, the family members are seen as soft targets. Before your decision is defended on the grounds that cantts in sensitive areas will not be opened for public thoroughfare let us assert strongly that every single cantt is a sensitive area. Nothing stops an anti national element from attacking a unguarded soft target with open access anywhere in the country.8. यह एक बार फिर से नोटिस लाने के लिए प्रेरित है कि हाल के दिनों में सेना शिविरों पर आतंकवादियों द्वारा किए गए हमलों में वृद्धि हुई है, क्योंकि परिवार के सदस्यों को नरम लक्ष्य के रूप में देखा जाता है। इससे पहले कि आपके निर्णय का बचाव उन आधार पर किया जाता है जो संवेदनशील क्षेत्रों में प्रवेश नहीं कर सकते हैं, सार्वजनिक गहनता के लिए खोला नहीं जाएगा, हम दृढ़ता से जोर देते हैं कि प्रत्येक एकल कैंट एक संवेदनशील क्षेत्र है। देश में कहीं भी खुली पहुंच के साथ एक अनियंत्रित नरम लक्ष्य पर हमला करने से एक विरोधी राष्ट्रीय तत्व को रोकता नहीं है।
 9. In the case of occurrence of such an incident as above mentioned PLEASE inform us who in your Government will take responsibility for the same. FURTHER, HOW YOU CAN ASSURE THAT SOLDIERS WILL NOT GO AMOK IF THEIR NEAR AND DEAR ONES ARE HARMED BY ANEs COURTESY SUCH ORDERS.9. उपरोक्त उल्लिखित घटना की घटना के
मामले में कृपया हमें सूचित करें कि आपकी सरकार में कौन जिम्मेदारी लेगा। इसके अलावा, आप कैसे आश्वस्त कर सकते हैं कि सैनिकों को अजीब नहीं लगेगा अगर उनके पास और भय किसी भी तरह के आदेशों से प्रभावित हैं। 
 10. We have been extremely aggrieved by this decision to open all roads and the methodology that is being followed to implement the said order as it puts us in the path of mortal danger and affects our rights enshrined in the Constitution under Article 21. MORE PAINFUL IS THE FACT THAT ALL WAS DONE TO APPEASE THE VOTE BANK SQUATING ON LANDS ABUTTING THESE CANTTS. WE MAY NOT A COLLECTIVE VOTE BANK FOR ANY POLITICAL PARTY BUT FACT REMAINS OUR DEMOCRACY HAS SURVIVED SO LONG DUE TO SACRIFICES MADE BY OUR SOLDIERS AND SUPPORT EXTENDED BY US TO THEM TO CARRY ON ASSIGNED DUTIES.10. हम इस सड़कों और कार्यप्रणाली को खोलने के इस फैसले से बेहद परेशान हुए हैं, जो कि आदेश को लागू करने के लिए किया जा रहा है क्योंकि यह हमें प्राणघातक खतरे के मार्ग में रखता है और अनुच्छेद 21 के तहत संविधान में हमारे अधिकारों को प्रभावित करता है। अधिक दर्दनाक यह तथ्य है कि सभी को इस कंटेंट्स के खिलाफ लैंड्स पर वोट बैंक स्क्वाटिंग की उम्मीद है। हम किसी भी राजनीतिक दल के लिए एक संग्रहित वोट बैंक नहीं कर सकते हैं लेकिन तथ्य यह है कि हमारे लोकतंत्र हमारे सैनिकों द्वारा समर्थित सैकड़ों लोगों के लिए इतने लंबे समय तक बचाया गया है और उन्हें सौंपी गई ड्यूटी पर कैर्री करने के लिए समर्थन दिया गया है। 
 11. Also kindly note that the State has a moral duty to ensure the minimum safety of families of armed forces personnel living within cantts while our men/women in the forces are gone for long hours, months or years protecting our country.11. कृपया ध्यान दें कि राज्य के पास कैंटों के भीतर सशस्त्र बलों के कर्मियों के परिवारों की न्यूनतम सुरक्षा सुनिश्चित करने के लिए नैतिक कर्तव्य है, जबकि हमारे पुरुष / महिलाएं लंबे समय तक, हमारे देश की रक्षा करने के महीनों या वर्षों तक चली जाती हैं। 
 12. We proudly state that we are THE STRENGTHS BEHIND THE SOLDIERS the pillars on which our armed forces stand and we shall come forth and fight, adopting all legal recourses available to us, when our security, our safety and OUR WAY OF LIFE is threatened. 12. हम गर्व से कहते हैं कि हम सैनिकों के पीछे ताकत हैं जिन पर हमारी सशस्त्र बलों खड़े हैं और हम बाहर आकर लड़ेंगे, हमारे लिए उपलब्ध सभी कानूनी संसाधनों को अपनाएंगे, जब हमारी सुरक्षा, हमारी सुरक्षा और जीवन के हमारे रास्ते को धमकी दी जाएगी । 
 13. In light of the above mentioned points, please review your order regarding opening of roads in cantts and the methodology being used to enforce the said order and let this reversal be implemented with same electrifying speed as it was done to open it.13. उपरोक्त उल्लिखित बिंदुओं के प्रकाश में, कृपया कैंटों में सड़कों को खोलने और उस आदेश को लागू करने के लिए उपयोग की जाने वाली पद्धति के बारे में अपने आदेश की समीक्षा करें और इसे उलटने के लिए इसे एक ही विद्युतीकरण गति के साथ लागू किया जाए क्योंकि इसे खोलने के लिए किया गया था। 14. One would agree that even commercial places like malls are small offices have checks at their gates ... the list is unending.... so it seems in the order of priority the armed forces of the nation don't stand anywhere...... they should be on the road and live like second class citizens in the same nation where they are not able rather allowed to protect themselves..... it's a black day for you as the supreme commander of armed forces...... who is so disconnected with its own forces. Even Hr managers speak to its employees as a routine.....have you ?14. कोई इस बात से सहमत होगा कि मॉल जैसे वाणिज्यिक स्थान भी छोटे कार्यालयों के पास उनके द्वार पर जांच है ... सूची अनदेखी कर रही है .... इसलिए यह प्राथमिकता के क्रम में लगता है कि देश की सशस्त्र बलों कहीं भी नहीं खड़ी हैं। ..... वे सड़क पर होना चाहिए और उसी देश में दूसरे वर्ग के नागरिकों की तरह रहना चाहिए जहां वे खुद को बचाने की अनुमति नहीं दे रहे हैं ..... यह आपके लिए सशस्त्र बलों के सर्वोच्च कमांडर के रूप में एक काला दिन है। ..... जो अपनी ताकतों से इतनी डिस्कनेक्ट हो गई है। यहां तक कि मानव प्रबंधकों ने अपने कर्मचारियों से नियमित रूप से बात की ..... क्या आप? 15. It's not just about roads ..... it's respect and dignity.... the incidents outside gates really show that your organisation which you head is not respected...... so why don't you remove the army laws too which makes serving soldiers akin to bonded labor. These bonded labor at all levels don't have the right to voice IIRC ....which has given the country a wrong opinion of the armed forces15. यह सिर्फ सड़कों के बारे में नहीं है ..... यह सम्मान और गरिमा है .... द्वार के बाहर की घटनाएं वास्तव में दिखाती हैं कि आपका संगठन जिसका आप सिर करते हैं उसका सम्मान नहीं किया जाता है ...... तो आप सेना को क्यों नहीं हटाते कानून भी जो बंधुआ श्रम के समान सैनिकों की सेवा करता है। इन स्तरों पर इन बंधुआ श्रमिकों को आईआईआरसी आवाज का अधिकार नहीं है .... जिसने देश को सशस्त्र बलों की गलत राय दी हैकॉपी सीओएएस, क्यूएमजी और संबंधित डीजी को अनुमोदित किया जा सकता है ...   Thanking you 



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Que se Legisle y Potencie la Creación de Espacios Públicos Libres de Sustancias Tóxicas.

Vivimos inmersos en una matriz tóxica que amenaza y agrava la Salud Pública. El Gobierno Español debe adoptar las medidas pertinentes de carácter normativo y político que garanticen a la población poder disfrutar, como mínimo, de espacios públicos seguros. Amparándose, cuando menos, en el derecho inalienable de todo individuo a gozar de un ambiente saludable. La sociedad se expone de manera involuntaria y cotidiana a sustancias tóxicas. Una ventilación ineficiente, el uso de productos de limpieza e higiene personal convencionales, pesticidas, materiales de construcción, decoración, mobiliario, revestimientos, suelos etc. convierten los diferentes emplazamientos en ambientes hostiles para personas con algún grado de sensibilidad química (Sensibilidad Química Múltiple -SQM-, Síndrome de Fatiga Crónica-SFC-, Fibromialgia -FM-, Síndrome de Sensibilización Central -SSC-) e igualmente insalubres; para la población “sana”. Los Centros Sanitarios y las escuelas son lugares particularmente vulnerables requiriendo una atención inmediata. El tratamiento más eficaz es impedir la exposición. Estas sustancias químicas nocivas son iniciadoras y disparadoras de diferentes enfermedades no transmisibles y que son prevenibles (1). La mayor parte de las muertes se atribuyen a vivir o trabajar en entornos insalubres. Entre los factores de riesgo se encuentran la exposición a productos químicos (2).  Es necesario que se apliquen de manera urgente medidas que permitan detectar las sustancias conflictivas donde han sido introducidas y sustituir los elementos que las contienen por otras alternativas. Existen innumerables opciones que frente a las habituales son  factibles, más económicas, eficaces e inocuas para el ser humano (1).     Es imperativo asegurar la accesibilidad a la que por derecho tienen los afectados por algún grado de sensibilidad química que hoy por hoy están siendo excluidos de la sociedad,  impedir que su situación se agrave y evitar que el número de casos por este tipo de enfermedades continúe en aumento (1). Siendo esta además, una cuestión de responsabilidad compartida con la industria, derivada de nuestro estilo de vida.   Por favor, firma esta petición. Tanto si has desarrollado algún tipo de sensibilidad química como si no quieres exponerte a sustancias nocivas que se utilizan sin control y que, a bajas concentraciones, pueden provocarte un abanico de patologías. Ninguna persona está exenta de sufrir alguna enfermedad asociada a la exposición por tóxicos. Es un deber y responsabilidad de tod@s proteger de manera inmediata a la población más vulnerable como son los enferm@s, los niñ@s y los ancian@s. ¡Ganamos tod@s! ¡GRACIAS! 1.       De Prada, C. 2010. El Riesgo Tóxico Diario: La Sensibilidad Química Múltiple y otras enfermedades que la química produce en cientos de miles de españoles. Fundación Alborada. 321 pp. 2.       OMS. 2016. Cada año mueren 12,6 millones de personas a causa de la insalubridad del medio ambiente. Comunicado de Prensa Ginebra.

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Free Mohamed Soltan

After a military Coup toppled the democratically elected government, Mohamed Soltan took part in the Rabaa Square Protests.   Although Mohamed Soltan is not a Muslim Brotherhood member, his desire to help and his ability to speak both English and Arabic fluently, led him to becoming the media spokesman dealing with international reporters. He was a first hand witness when the army took down Rabaa square. On August 14th, he was shot in the arm by an army sniper.  As he described it, "I felt like I had been punched in the arm by the hulk."  His efforts were not deterred, as he continued to partake in Pro-Democracy protests. On August 25th, police forces arrested Mohamed, along with three other Egyptian youth.  He was a sympathizer of the cause that promoted democracy, freedom, and social justice for Egypt. He strongly believed in nonviolence. At the onset of his detention, Mohamed was moved from prison to prison to ensure that his whereabouts would remain unknown. Once his family was finally able to connect with him, Mohamed informed them of the intense brutality he was facing on a day to day basis while in prison. "The brutality with which I have been treated has been mind boggling. During the day, soldiers and police would get in two straight lines, and we would have to run in between them as they beat us with rocks and sticks. They roused anger amongst the officers by falsely proclaiming that we had killed police officers. The officers stripped off our pants and shirts as they beat us with clubs. They put us in jail cells with what must have been 60 other inmates, and it was terribly hot and water was not made available to us. I saw an inmate suffer a heart attack right before my eyes and not receive proper medical attention. The surgical wound on my arm was open and oozing, and not one of the guards seemed to care because I was labeled a political prisoner." Mohamed Soltan's family is still waiting for answers from the Egyptian authorities. He is facing charges on bizarre, fabricated counts, and awaits the day that he is fully absolved and reunited with his family and friends. After months of illegal detention, Mohamed finally stood before a judge, no evidence was presented and no argument was made, the judge simply ordered he be held for another 45 days. In protest, Mohamed entered into a hunger strike immediately following the hearing on January 26th, 2014 with no plans to end it before he is immediately released for lack of evidence against him. His situation grows more dire by the day. This petition seeks to put pressure on the United States government to demand the Egyptian authorities release their American citizen, Mohamed Soltan.

Free Soltan Campaign
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Freedom & Redemption For Dayonte

Dayonte Resiles, also known as Moochie, is a 21-year-old who has sat in jail for 2 years as the suspect for a murder. We feel that there is not enough evidence to prove that Resiles is guilty of this crime and that the case should be further investigated. The media has painted him as a dangerous, cold-blooded murderer but that is far from his character. What we want the world to know about Dayonte Resiles is that he is no saint, neither is he a monster that would commit such a heinous crime. He has done a lot for his community, things in which he felt God asked of him. For example, he began to start a charity called the #HEART2HEARTFOUNDATION to help single mothers in need. With his own money he bought over $1,000 worth of diapers, bottles, anything a baby could ever need and gave them away to the mothers who needed it the most. If someone needed help with anything, Dayonte was always willing to lend a hand. Dayonte is a good man with a great heart, that just made bad decisions. Everyone deserves a second chance. We (his family) speak to him everyday and we feel that he is as serious as he's ever been pertaining to him changing his life around. He is willing to pay his debts to society by continuing and legally finalizing his foundation and becoming a hard working man who earns honest money. His dreams are as big as anyone else's and he is ready to manifest them in the correct manner. FREEDOM & REDEMPTION FOR MOOCHIE!

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Make Chris Cuomo apologize on the air for his seizure joke and misinformation!

Chris Cuomo's joke, about have a seizure and swallowing his tongue, on the New Day show was very offensive to people with epilepsy that have to fight seizures every day of their life!On-Air comments like that set the decades long work of epilepsy organizations back by years. Organizations like the Epilepsy Foundation have spend a enormous amount of time and money trying to teach the general public that it is impossible to swallow your tongue and to not put anything into the mouth of somebody that is having a seizure Here is the transcript of the show. PEREIRA: Love it. What a nice looking couple. They look so happy together. CUOMO: That's what marriage is all about, doing things for the other. CAMEROTA: Wow. So sweet, Chris Cuomo. I'm sure your wife loves hearing you say that. PEREIRA: Say it to the camera. CUOMO: I think that was a seizure. PEREIRA: I know. Are you all right? CUOMO: I'm swallowing my tongue. We should go. CAMEROTA: Let's do that. It's time for "NEWSROOM" with Carol Costello. Hi, Carol. Epilepsy is the 4th most common neurological disorder and it affects more people than Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, and Parkinson’s combined! 1 in 10 people will have a seizure in their lifetime and 1 in 26 will develop epilepsy. 3 million people (possible viewers) in the US and 65 million people worldwide have some form of epilepsy and we are constantly trying to educate people to dispel myths like swallowing you tongue, which is physically impossible because it is attached to the bottom of your mouth, and to end the stigma of epilepsy.The epilepsy community demand an on-air apology made by Chris Cuomo for his joke that has set us back in our efforts to do that! He needs to apologize on-air for his joke and misinformation! The apology needs to include the fact that it is impossible to swallow your tongue. CNN should also think about making him do a report on epilepsy so he can see first hand just how bad it is when someone has a seizure, especially a child!Thank you,

Chris Arceneaux
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