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Annise Parker

  • Mayor of Houston

Mayor Parker is Houston’s 61st mayor and one of only two women to hold the City’s highest elected office. Mayor Parker is responsible for all aspects of the general management of the City and for enforcement of all laws and ordinances.

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Grant retired military and police K-9's the same exemptions as service animals

The Retired Police Canine Foundation is supporting this petition and this is the goal: Give retired law enforcement, Military and off-duty k9s the same exemptions as service animals – let them live anywhere with their owners and accompany their owners on public transportation.   In most places an off-duty police or military k9 is considered a pet when not on duty but a service animal can accompany their civilian owner in public and on public transportation. An off-duty police or military k9 can be denied housing but a civilian service animal can not. These rules are doing a disservice to these American heroes and their handlers. Police and military k9s are highly trained and certified by state, local and in some cases national organizations. Police and military k9s off duty or retired are a deterrent to crime and terrorism. K9s are one of the most effective crime fighting tools. They are in most cases trained to search for lost children and the elderly. They faithfully serve our country and community. Having an off duty or retired k9 living in your building or riding on a train or airplane with you offers you and your community an extra layer of protection and safety.  Military personal are returning from serving our country suffering from PTSD and are unable to adopt there k9s because they cannot find housing that will accept the type of dog that they have. Police officers are experiencing the same resistance.These heroes  and their retired and off duty k9s protect your community and our nation from all kinds of threats.  Military working dogs fearlessly serve our nation saving thousands of lives each year. These animals deserve to remain with their handlers and need to be exempt from outdated housing rules and public transportation ordinances. These heroes deserve the same exemptions as civilian service animals when they are with their respective handler.    

Frank Rpk9f
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AGING = Disease. It's TIME to Treat The CAUSE.

Scientific evidence shows Aging = Degeneration and Disease.  Aging - Slows the process to repair damage and errors within the body. Normal functions within the systems slow down, whilst plaque and inflammation build up. Disease - Where plaque and inflammation build up, while an inability to repair the damage and errors within the body occurs, causing more diseases.  IF WE DO NOT TREAT THE CAUSE, WE WILL SUFFER THE EFFECT.  Someone YOU LOVE WILL NEED YOUR HELP.  FDA DO NOT ACCEPT AGING AS A CAUSE OF DEGENERATION AND DISEASE = NO FUNDING = NO GRANTS = NO ADVANCEMENTS. Scientists are FORCED to Research the EFFECTS OF AGING, LEAVING  THE CAUSE TO BE UNTREATED AND PROGRESS.  FACTS - BIOLOGICAL AGE (DAMAGE OVER TIME) CAN BE REVERSED. THIS NEEDS TO BE OF THE FIRST AND FOREMOST IMPORTANCE. IT WILL PROVIDE SUSTAINABILITY, SECURITY AND OPPORTUNITY TO PROSPER WITHIN ALL AVENUES.  - THE OUTDATED SYSTEM IS FAILING THE PEOPLE, THE ECONOMY AND THE FUTURE. - THE COST ASSOCIATED WITH THE CURRENT APPROACH TO HEALTH CARE IS DEBILITATING OUR ECONOMY, OUR PEOPLE AND THE PROGRESS NEEDED FOR ALL. - THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE RETIRING FROM THE WORKFORCE (DUE TO AGE AND HEALTH) IS NOT ABLE TO BE FILLED OR MAINTAINED BY THOSE ENTERING IT. - THOSE UNABLE TO WORK DO NOT HAVE FINANCIAL STABILITY WITH RISING HEALTH COSTS (THAT ARE BASED ON AN OUTDATED SYSTEM, NOT ADDRESSING THE CAUSE, BUT FOCUSING ON SUPPRESSING SYMPTOMS.) WHICH PROGRESS, WHILST THE PENSION AGE IS RAISED. WE ARE EXPECTED TO PROVIDE WITHOUT MEANS, TO MAINTAIN HEALTH AND PREVENT ISSUES IN A SYSTEM THAT ADDRESSES THEM AFTER THE FACT. - PHARMA COMPANIES DOMINATE THE MARKET THEY OFTEN SUPPORT POLITICAL CANDIDATES THEY OFTEN RECEIVE PRIORITY IN DRUG DISCOVERIES THAT DO NOT CURE HEALTH ISSUES THEY OFTEN FOCUS ON CAPITAL AND PROFITS, SUPPORTED BY POLICIES AND REGULATIONS WHICH OVERLOOK HUMAN CAPITAL - THE REAL CAPITAL VALUE CREATED BY THE PEOPLE. THEY OFTEN PROVIDE THE FUNDING WHICH PROVIDES CONTROL OVER WHAT AVENUES ARE DEVELOPED OR DEPRIVED.   THEY OFTEN OWN THE RIGHTS TO DATA, HAVING THE AUTHORITY TO WITHOLD DATA FROM THE PUBLIC, TO ALTER THE INFORMATION ACCESSIBLE TO THE PUBLIC. THEY ALSO ALTER THE CREDIBILITY OF PEER-REVIEWED STUDIES IN SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS AS THEY SEE FIT, ALTERING THE CREDIBILITY DIRECTLY ALTERS THE OUTCOME PROVIDED TO THE PEOPLE.IF WE DO NOT CHANGE THIS NOW, WE WILL NOT HAVE WHAT WE NEED, WHEN WE NEED IT MOST   THE TRUTH TO ACT NOW- Drug companies control the knowledge that informs doctors’ clinical decisions. This leads to soaring pharmaceutical profits and crippling healthcare costs, while doctors have no way of knowing which therapies are more effective—or more efficient. "Big Pharma companies and academic medical centers shows that 80% allowed the commercial funder to own, and thus control, the data from jointly conducted research. Furthermore, fully half of the research contracts between drug companies and academic institutions—the partnerships with the highest likelihood of upholding rigorous research standards—allowed industry insiders to ghostwrite clinical trial reports for publication in scientific journals, relegating the named authors to the position of “suggesting” revisions." "The drug companies own that data and keep it confidential as “corporate property.” Reviewers must rely on brief data summaries included in the submitted manuscripts. Peer reviewers at even the most prestigious medical journals cannot possibly attest to the accuracy and completeness of the articles they review. This sham was exposed in 2005 when the editors of an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine admitted they had not seen relevant data from a clinical trial involving Merck’s arthritis drug Vioxx. Five years earlier, the article had extolled the drug’s safety even though neither the editors nor the peer reviewers had been granted access to underlying data, which showed three heart attacks that had occurred in patients treated with Vioxx were not reported. Had this data had been properly disclosed and analyzed when the manuscript was first submitted, the article would have shown that Vioxx significantly increased the risk of heart attack five-fold when compared to over-the-counter naproxen (Aleve). And many of the estimated 30,000 Americans who died as a result of taking Vioxx after the incomplete article was published would not have been exposed to the drug. "Big Pharma companies remain unwilling to disclose their underlying clinical trial data. The most recent example involved Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. a group of medical researchers and scientists sued the FDA for the release of 451,000 pages of scientific documents it had evaluated prior to granting the vaccine full approval. Even though the agency required only 108 days to sufficiently evaluate these documents before granting the vaccine formal approval, the FDA (with Pfizer wanting to join the lawsuit), argued that the fastest they could release the data was five hundred pages per month, meaning that it would take seventy-five years before the documents were released in full. THIS CONTRADICTS THAT THEY WERE ABLE TO EFFICIENTLY REVIEW 451,000 PAGES OVER A 108 DAY PERIOD CONCLUDING THE VACCINE WAS SAFE FOR APPROVAL, AS THEY ARGUE, IN FACT, THE FASTEST THEY COULD RELEASE THAT DATA WOULD BE 500 PAGES A MONTH, REQUIRING 75 YEARS TO DO SO.-

Sinead Sallies
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Stop owners giving their dogs away for free on gumtree to anyone.

Hi there, I’m writing to you because I’m deeply concerned about the welfare of animals being advertised, bought and sold online, through sites such as Gumtree. I use the site often. Like many Australians, I love the convenience of shopping online and using the internet to research future purchases. But when it comes to the buying and selling of pets online, there are serious risks, and I think it’s really important we have systems in place to protect the welfare of those animals. Websites like Gumtree are not doing enough to protect those animals by making sure the sellers are ethical breeders, and that consumers know what to look for to safely search for a pet online. Puppy Mills are large scale commercial breeding facilities, with one objective.  MONEY.  Dogs in Puppy Mills may spend their whole life in a cage, and can be bred over and over again.  Once they stop breeding, they are conveniently discarded. Puppy Mills sell their puppies directly to consumers through the internet and classified ads.  They also sell puppies through pet stores, though more and more pet stores in Australia are now focused on selling only rescue pets. Criminals will use sites like ‘Gumtree’ to find a bait dog (a dog advertised for free online) can be any dog. It could be your dog. Although they (the monsters who use them) prefer to use non-aggressive or submissive Pit Bulls, they will easily use anything they can get for free. When they get Pits who won't fight, or don't fight well, they use them for bait dogs. Some dogfighters train dogs by forcing them to tread water in pools; run on a treadmill while a caged rabbit, cat, chicken, or other terrified animal is dangled in front of them; or hang on with their jaws while dangling from a chain baited with meat. Many dogs are injected with steroids, and some dogfighters even sharpen their dogs’ teeth, cut off their ears (to prevent another dog from latching on), and add roach poison to their food so that their fur might taste bad to other dogs. Dogs who “win” fights are forced to fight again and again and are used to breed puppies for profit. One dog who was described as a particularly successful fighter generated $100,000 in stud fees in a single year. Female dogs are strapped down on “rape stands” to prevent fighting while males impregnate them. Many of the dogs who do not fight or who lose fights are used as “bait” animals. The “pit” where these bloody events take place usually consists of a dirt or carpeted floor measuring 8 to 16 square feet, surrounded by a wooden enclosure that is about 3 feet high. Dogs are taken to either end of the ring and released at the “face your dogs” command. Sticks are used to pry apart the dogs, who clamp down so fiercely that it is not uncommon for dogs to “fang” themselves (i.e., bite through their own lips). Dogs are encouraged to fight to the death, and the fight can go on for hours—until both dogs are exhausted and at least one is seriously injured or dead. A federal prosecutor recalls a case in which one of 18 dogs found in a raid had 70 open wounds and was missing half a jaw, while another dog’s body was 75 percent covered in scar tissue. A state police officer in the US who conducts dogfighting investigations says, “When you go to where these fights have happened, you’ll find a couple of dog corpses or a pit full of blood.” By adopting these guidelines in full, you can help make sure the animals advertised for sale on Gumtree have been properly cared for, and ensure people like me can use the site with confidence about the welfare of the pets advertised there. Ideally I personally think we should put a complete ban on all dogs / animals given away for free through third party websites such as Gumtree. Australians care very much about animals, and we want to know that influencers and members of authority like yourself are doing everything they can to care for and protect pets that are listed for sale. I urge you to take this serious and make changes to platforms such as gumtree. Facebook has followed the movement and so should other social platforms. We need to make the change and put an end to the harm and unnecessary abuse to these animals. Please reply to me and let me know when you will be implementing the guidelines, and anything else you’re doing to support improved animal welfare.

Lauren Elisha
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