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Petition to Traffic Controllers
Traffic Controllers Read more

Francoise MunceCrow's Nest, Australia
4,081 supporters
Created November 8, 2017
Petition to Siela A. Bynoe, Laura Curran, Department of Public Works
Traffic Light On October 6th, 2018 at approximately 12 o’clock in the afternoon, Osrick Alexander traffic due to the vehicles parked on North Franklin Street during peak hours. Reports obtained by a traffic signal be placed at the intersection of North Franklin Street and Smith Street so that the traffic that runs North and South on North Franklin Street will be slowed down and drivers will be forced to stop at the corner of Smith Street.Read more

Nicole BonillaHempstead, NY, United States
3,742 supporters
Created October 23, 2018
Petition to MMDA
I want MMDA and Mr.president rodrigo roa duterte to stop and turn the heavy traffic into a smooth and light flow traffic. because if the heavy traffic here in the philippines had stopped, the rate of traffic is the number one enemy of the driver that is driving along the edsa because of the same everyday heavy traffic. they must help us to stop the traffic in edsa because if the heavy traffic is cured many employee will help their schedule because they will not rush thereselves to go to work at very early hour to get away from the traffic.  Read more

eloisa jalecoPhilippines
103 supporters
Created October 11, 2019
Terrible traffic congestion along Pasar Borong Selayang - Jalan Kuching, KL during the morning hours has been a constant thorn in the side of many who ply the route. Traffic users can suffer easily up to 1 to 1.5 hour of traffic jam due to poor route/traffic planning. Suggestion: Apply Tidal Flow OperationThis operation can help increase the number of lanes by allowing traffic to go reverse/photo/?fbid=10160600928599595&set=a.10150236425859595 3. https://www.lowyat.net/2022/277452/employees-klang-valley-44-hours-traffic-jams/Read more

Kheng LianKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
10,041 supporters
Created June 27, 2022
Petition to County of Nassau
our community, friends and neighbors. Over the last 10 years it is clear that a traffic signal is theRead more

Melanie KailWoodmere, NY, United States
50,631 supporters
Created December 31, 2019
Petition to Everyone
We as a family are trying to cause a HUGE change on changing instant traffic lights in remembrance instant changing lights because three seconds would’ve mattered..   Traffic Light Change Due to Family Killed in CrashRead more

Karen WaltersLancaster, PA, United States
103,311 supporters
Created May 26, 2021
Early morning on July 23rd 2023, my cat was hit and killed outside my house. The driver did not stop and did not alert anyone that he had hit my lovely fur baby. I have heard of this happening multiple times in the past week in my area alone. Many families consider their pets as a whole part of their family; they aren’t just an animal that lives in their house. So many people are losing their furry friends every day to selfish drivers who don’t care enough to try and help the animals they’ve hurt on the roads.  Changing this law will allow families to get the closure they need and also to get justice for their pets, as many of these hit and runs are committed whilst the drivers are speeding through residential areas and don’t want to get caught. This way, we will be able to properly prosecute irresponsible and selfish drivers who do not care what’s in their way.  Enough is enough. It’s bad enough that this law has to exist and that people don’t do it regardless, but the make the law and exclude certain household pets is disgraceful. Dogs are required to be reported as they have ‘worker status’, but many dogs are just household pets. Cats are just as loved as dogs in a family dynamics and they deserve to be treated the same. This needs to change, for the thousands of cats killed every year and for the broken hearts of their families that they leave behind.    (Pictured is my gorgeous boy Sirius. May he rest in peace over the rainbow bridge.)Read more

katherine baggottDagenham, ENG, United Kingdom
53,658 supporters
Created July 23, 2023
Petition to Reddington parrot breeders, U​.​S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), Charles Duane Baker
Amazon rainforest. Let's stop the traffic of exotic animals for human pleasure or entertainment. Animals are NOT ours! Reddington parrot breeders stop traffic of parrots. Return the one you have captiveRead more

Viviana DovaleMorgantown, WV, United States
13,360 supporters
Created October 31, 2020
Petition to Georges River Council, NSW Road and Martime Services
. Hurstville) and other technical methods which could improve the traffic and road safety at theRead more

Hurstville ParentsSydney, Australia
31,811 supporters
Created September 6, 2019
Petition to office - District 7, Palm Beach County Traffic Division, Verdenia C. Baker, Palm Beach School Sup...
PETITION to install the new traffic light at the intersection of Lyons Rd and Spanish Isles Blvd. (To be synchronized with the traffic light at Astaire Ave. and W. Whisper Walk Blvd.) We, the Parents install the traffic light were made during the last years with no success. Every day, families from departments works together, we could expedite the installation of the new traffic light. According traffic light because it is too close to the one at Lyons at Whisper Walk and Astaire Ave. We understandRead more

Traffic Light 4 KidsUnited States
2,864 supporters
Created March 8, 2022
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