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Petition to Ticketmaster
Ticketmaster needs to do more to prevent scalpers from getting tickets ahead of fans. I have been tickets, there have been problems. I will try to buy tickets the second they go on sale, only to find out they're sold out. If fans had bought them, that would be fine - instead, the tickets are sold to get tickets for a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. Ticketmaster hosted a "fan presale" in which tickets didn't actually go to fans in most cases - they went to scalpers. By the time the generalRead more

Rachel RhodesSaratoga Springs, NY, United States
67,463 supporters
Created March 3, 2018
Petition to El Corte Ingles
Companies selling bullfight tickets are helping to keep the blood-drenched bullrings in businessRead more

Irish Council Against Blood SportsMullingar, Ireland
10,017 supporters
Created December 16, 2014
Petition to Ministry of Civil Aviation
airlines as a whole.They leave us no choice. Cancellation Charges for Airline tickets should be noRead more

amrit sagarIndia
52,097 supporters
Created April 4, 2017
Petition to Ticketmaster
Ticketmaster's sale of bullfight tickets is helping to keep the blood-drenched bullrings in business. Join us in urging the company to stop selling these tickets.Read more

Irish Council Against Blood SportsMullingar, Ireland
3,670 supporters
Created June 13, 2014
Petition to Ticketmaster, StubHub, LiveNation
really wanted to go to? Were the tickets actually affordable, but then suddenly not? Scalpers make a living off of overcharging for concert tickets. They will buy in bulk and resell the tickets at a other events should not allow the reselling of tickets higher than market value. It's ripping off tickets. When a ticket costs no more than $30 and resale is going for as high as $50,000 for tickets is in drop $50,000 for tickets. Ticket sites such as Stubhub should also put a price limit on how ticketsRead more

Dassah MaketaLincoln, CA, United States
4,130 supporters
Created March 3, 2018
Petition to Ticketmaster
For years Ticketmaster has been selling tickets that are unfortunately bought by scalpers. When to afford tickets. Ticket master also has fan registration to ensure fans are the ones getting tickets, which many fans aren’t even able to access and are waitlisted, while scalpers purchase tickets and drive the price up. Platinum tickets are available to fans, but due to surge pricing algorithms, fans are unable to afford tickets as prices go from $200 to $1K. This is greedy on both behalf ofRead more

arianna galanteRocky Point, NY, United States
33,414 supporters
Created November 5, 2021
Thousands of train tickets all around India remain RAC (Reservation against cancellation) on a actual fare to the passengers travelling on RAC tickets with only half birth? Why the largest asset ticketing system to ensure passengers with RAC tickets get at least 40% refund (if railways need toRead more

Aasim RahmaniDelhi, India
25,326 supporters
Created July 12, 2022
Petition to Scotrail, Abellio, Alex Hynes
A monthly train ticket at the age of 18 (or under) using a young scott card costs me around £50 to travel from Hamilton to Glasgow (30 min journey) Glasgow being my place of study. I travel at peak times therefore a monthly discounted ticket is the only way I can afford to get there. When I turn 19 I am no longer able to use my young scott card and will be paying double that - £100 a month, just to get to college which is expensive in my eyes especially for a student. I want scotrail to consider introducing a student discount for anyone studying at college or university a students life is not cheap and someone working could be on minimum wage. A 16-25 railcard is something I have considered however you cannot use this at peak times and peak times are the only time I travel for college.Read more

Abby LeitchHamilton, SCT, United Kingdom
8,062 supporters
Created September 20, 2017
Petition to taeyasherrai@gmail.com
this if you pay for a parking permit, and still get parking tickets for 'excessive overnightRead more

UNH Students and VisitorsDurham, NH, United States
1,510 supporters
Created February 8, 2019
Petition to DATEC/DETEC/UVEK , Cancelleria Federale, dff, DFGP , ACS, TCS
NO AL RINCARO DI BENZINA E BIGLIETTI AEREI.    Con la decisione di oggi: Venerdi' 16 Agosto 2019, La commissione dell'ambiente del Consiglio degli Stati, intende innalzare il prezzo della Benzina e tassare i biglietti aerei! La Benzina verrebbe a costare 10 centesimi in più e dal 2025, 12 centesimi in più; mentre i biglietti aerei verrebbero a costare tra i 30 e i 120 CHF in più! La decisione é anche appoggiata dal Consiglio degli Stati che nella Sessione Autunnale del 2019 ha approvato la Revisione Totate delle Legge sulla CO2.      La Swiss Motorsport Transportation Federation si oppone a questa decisione per i seguenti motivi:   1) Cosi' facendo si viola la decisione del Consiglio Nazionale di bocciare la revisione totale della Legge sulla CO2. 2) I Trasporti incidono globalmente per il 14% sull'inquinamento atmosferico globale, meno della produzione di energia elettrica, settore alimentare e industriale. 3) Con questi innalzamenti di prezzo, le abitutidini della gente non cambieranno, come non cambiera' nemmeno nulla per il Clima! L'unico vantaggio sarà per chi dovra guadagnarci sopra, alle spalle dei Cittadini che verranno tassati per qualcosa di inutile come questa Riforma.  4) É ora di finirla con questa Guerra al Settore di Trasporti, Trasporti che non sono i responsabili veri dei Cambiamenti Climatici ma anzi probabilmente le vittime assieme al Clima, venendo incolpati ingiustamente per qualcosa su cui la loro incisione e' indifferente, qualsiasi decisione che vada a penalizzare i Trasporti, per il Clima sarà indifferente essendo essi appunto irrilevanti per i Cambiamenti Climatici.   Cordiali Saluti Zabot Mirco (Presidente e Fondatore della "Swiss Motorsport Transportation Federation")     ____________________________________   NEIN ZU ERHÖHUNGEN DER BENZIN UND FLUGPREISE.    Nein zu Erhöhungen der Benzin- und Flugpreise.     _____________________________________   NON À LA HAUSSE DES PRIX DE L'ESSENCE ET DES BILLETS D'AVION.    Non à la hausse des prix de l'essence et des billets d'avion.       https://www.change.org/p/no-to-electric-vehicles-only-in-switzerland-every-one-is-free-to-buy-and-use-what-he-want/dashboard?source_location=user_profile_started https://www.change.org/p/no-to-sound-measurement-systems-for-vehicles/dashboard?source_location=user_profile_started https://www.change.org/p/abrogation-art-52-of-road-traffic-law-and-construction-of-a-circuit-s-in-switzerland/dashboard?source_location=user_profile_started https://www.change.org/p/swiss-highways-where-possible-at-3-lanes-highway-speed-limit-at-140-150-km-h/dashboard?source_location=user_profile_started      Read more

Swiss Motorsport Transportation Federation Swiss Motorsport Transportation FederationBerna, Svizzera
14,329 supporters
Created August 16, 2019
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