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for all direct promotion to the respective next semesters! And no online exam For all students.BecauseRead more

Charusat StudentChonga, India
1,948 supporters
Created March 30, 2020
Petition to Sardar patel university
we want mass promotion due to corona virus pandemic.Due to this outbreak all colleges in gujaratRead more

Monil ModiIndia
1,004 supporters
Created May 27, 2020
Petition to University of the Philippines Board of Regents, University of the Philippines
promotion to all students, regardless of their academic status in the said semester. Concerns regarding promotion. Even the data from the UPD University Student Council's survey on remote learning states). We see that the implementation of a mass promotion for all students is the best option, rather. With mass promotion, a grade of “P” or pass for all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the current public health crisis. END THE SEMESTER!NO TO ONLINE CLASSES!MASS PROMOTION NOW!Read more

Rise For Education AlliancePhilippines
18,252 supporters
Created April 14, 2020
Petition to Aryabhatta knowledge university, Kumar Prabhakar
some guidelines regarding the promotion of 1st 2nd and 3rd year students to the next semester.They gaveRead more

Kumar PrabhakarKatihar, India
38,415 supporters
Created June 4, 2020
Petition to English Football League, National League, FA
but no regulations to protect two promotion places should play-offs be cancelled. Currently, based on promotion places in the event of the above. This has raised a question regarding the protection of promotion places, which relates to football at every level.   PETITION This petition has been created to through the below process if followed;  1.     Original promotion places (as outlined at the start of the season) are guaranteed 2.     League titles, automatic promotion and play-off places areRead more

Emma PicklesUnited Kingdom
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Created June 18, 2020
Petition to AKTU, Uttar Pradesh
As We All Know About the Covid-19 Pandemic Situation, It is being difficult to conduct proper online classes in many colleges. All the Areas are not well equipped with satisfying network condition. If The Lockdown Opens in May or June it will also become very difficult for the University to Conduct Semester Exams and the UPSEE exam itself together.  Rather than creating a Chaos among students. University Must Cancel the Semester Examinations and Promote the Students or an average basis, rather after opening of colleges, University can conduct Special Carry Over Exams for compartment students.   Thankyou!Read more

Pranjal SharmaAligarh, India
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Created April 13, 2020
This petition was created to fight for EXO’s fair treatment and proper promotion from SM East, Latin America, Africa, Oceania, etc. 2. Longer and proper promotion period for comebacks such asRead more

Justice For EXOKorea, Republic of
9,465 supporters
Created March 6, 2019
Petition to Karnataka Government, B​.​S. YEDIYURAPPA, Dr K Sudhakar, B Sriramulu, rguhs , UGC
day. They are in depression like serious mental health issue. So all we students want promotionRead more

Suraj MattikoppaIndia
4,226 supporters
Created July 15, 2020
Petition to navy
Recently an article was raised in the media about a captain boosting morale by getting everyone together that were in Quarentine and having a BBQ. This has been turned into something so negative by the media with headlines leading people to believe that they put people in danger. I for one think this captain deserves praise and not reprimand after the actions they took, the Navy need more captains like this not less! Read more

Kayleigh EdworthyPlymouth, United Kingdom
3,893 supporters
Created April 25, 2020
Petition to Carmel Mcquaid, Stuart Machin
recycling rate of this promotion, M&S have launched Little Shop 2 which, whilst no longer being play with, which could mean transmission of the virus. Please sign this petition to ask M&S to stop this promotion.Read more

6,853 supporters
Created July 11, 2019
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