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Petition to Peter Mitchell Councillor Division 2, Mark Robinson MP
The scenic and natural amenity of the Point Lookout headland on North Stradbroke Island is 48 ( The Scenic Recreation Reserve R1781) including Point Lookout headland, from RCC trusteeship. Sign the petition - please save the headland  Read more

Clara DurbidgeAustralia
63,858 supporters
Created Sep 4, 2018
Petition to lookout valley middle high school
Since the new school year has started, the dress code at lv has been extremely enforced. However, the dress code only targets girls. Over the past few days of school, dozens and dozens of girls have been dress coded for things like slight midriff showing, shoulders showing, shorts being too short, or even as extreme as wearing leggings without a shirt long enough to cover your bottom. The enforcement of this dress code is sexualizing young girls bodies and making our learning environment toxic. These violations cause girls to feel objectified, sexualized and unheard. It is 2021, and what girls wear on their bodies should be no ones decision but their own. We understand dress coding is needed for extremely inappropriate clothing, but for a slight midriff or pair of leggings, it is absolutely ridiculous. Stop worrying about what girls are doing to distract guys and worry about how guys can’t control themselves or even teachers. It is pathetic.Read more

anonymous ..Chattanooga, TN, United States
749 supporters
Created Aug 20, 2021
Please return the taco bar selections to the Sun Valley Lookout Restaurant!   We like tacos. We ski? Perfect before a nap! $25 for a salad with chicken?   Please, for the sake of Baldy skier justice, bring back the Lookout Restaurant tacos?Read more

Todd CarrierUnited States
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Created Dec 3, 2022
Petition to Donald X Clavin, Commisioner
On Friday, April 29, 2022 while hitting a single at that field and celebrating with his team mates, Lazar LaPenna suffered a seizure he wouldn't recover from. This field has brought many joyful memories for decades in this beach community and no better of a way to turn a tragedy into an inspirational moment by naming the field after him. We as a baseball and family community request this to be done in an expeditious manner to allow the community and family to continued to be mourned but to always remember no matter what smiles will always be had at that field for decades to come. Read more

Chris WebsterNew York, United States
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Created May 3, 2022
Petition to The Honourable Doug Donaldson, Deputy Minister Tim Sheldon
The Eagle Pass Summit fire lookout, built in 1922, was rebuilt by enthusiasts, who did their due/refurbished-fire-lookout-may-be-torn-down/ The Honourable Doug Donaldson is the BC Minister of ForestsRead more

David RandallSidney, Canada
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Created Oct 4, 2017
We have had countless wrecks at the intersection more then any others in Nicholas county WV. We have begged pleaded for a light. We had a local petition but it has seemed to disappear. Now with a dollar general opened at this intersection we fear it's gonna get worse. We have lost loved one here and several injured. Today on May 15th 2022 at 6pm there was another yet another wreck. When is Enough a enough we need a red light in the last two years we have had motorcycle accidents to tractor trailer wreck and more the 2 dozen or more wrecks and that's just from the last two years. We have lost an elderly woman a son and father and that's just to name a few please help Read more

Haley FreemanUnited States
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Created May 16, 2022
Petition to Ronald L. Batory, Federal Railroad Administration
After the recent loss of yet another brother, who was welding on a frog under watchman lookout. We the necessary rules changes to stop the practice of welding on frog's on main line controlled tracks under "watchman/lookout"!Read more

Andrew BastedoLeland, NC, United States
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Created Dec 1, 2018
Petition to UEFA
Loris Karius sustained concussion after Sergio Ramos elbowed the German in the head, prior to his mistakes. It’s only fair that UEFA replay the match.Read more

Anfield LookoutUnited Kingdom
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Created Jun 4, 2018
list goes on and on.  Konocti Fire Lookout is an essential Early Warning Fire Fighting tool, managed.  Today, Calfire does not want to repair Konocti Fire Lookout, and put it back into service. They do not believe Konocti Lookout, manned with trained volunteers, at no cost to them, is an effective Fire fighting tool. In 2022, at the beginning of Fire Season, Konocti Fire Lookout has at least two Konocti Fire Lookout and it's Lake County volunteers. Please join me, sign this petition, stating toRead more

Christopher RiveraLakeport, CA, United States
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Created Oct 5, 2022
Petition to KPDSB
we look forward to building a better education system for the community of Sioux Lookout, changing the name to one of the options provided is outrageous. Sioux Lookout is not classified as the "TrueRead more

Tiana KorobanikCanada
392 supporters
Created Dec 21, 2016
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