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Petition to Mr. Prakash Javadekar
be conducted. Most of the college students went to their native  due to corona virus. Their parentsRead more

Dharmendar SinghIndia
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Created June 4, 2020
Petition to U​.​S. Congress
The electoral college has been a part of this country since the year 1804. This process has been convention to amend the 12th Amendment and abolish the Electoral College. If we succeed, every single Electoral College, then we will continue to fight for a real and true democracy. I’m making this myRead more

Joselyn WilsonUnited States
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Created September 13, 2020
Petition to King's College London, King’s College London
I am a disabled student studying at Kings who cannot access my department.  You may not know this if you are an able-bodied person, but Kings is very inaccessible for someone in a wheelchair. I cannot even access rooms in my own department due to this.  There are many issues around the lack of care and support for disabled students at Kings, but there is one in particular that I would like to draw your attention to: I have been fighting for over a YEAR for a simple ramp to be put in over a couple of steps so that I can have access to my lecture rooms. The uni have failed to do this. Nothing has been done in the year I've been fighting, and there are no plans to place a ramp either. This means half of the rooms in my own department are out-of-bounds for me (and only me. Every single other course mate of mine, that I'm aware of, is able to access these rooms whenever they like). The only difference between us? I use a wheelchair. I can also only access a handful of practise rooms, whereas other students can access all 30+. The fact that Kings won't even fit a ramp, despite my constant requests, says a lot about how much they value disabled students.  I understand that change takes time, but disabled students do not deserve this discrimination. We need to start making changes now.  If you agree and want to help your fellow disabled students, both those studying now and those who will come in the future, then please sign this petition and show that we will not just sit and let this discrimination happen (well, I will be sitting...in my wheelchair...but you get the point)! Feel free to have a look at my Instagram if you want more updates on the life of disabled/ chronically ill gal https://instagram.com/__imoannaomi__?utm_medium=copy_linkRead more

Naomi SLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created October 11, 2021
Petition to Government Of Karnataka, Department of Higher education Government of Karnataka, Dr​.​Ashwathnarayan C​.​N., HRD MINISTRY, Pmo, NDTV, AAJ TAK, HINDUSTAN TIMES, THE HINDU, TIMES OF INDIA, REPUBLIC TV
Maharashtra government took a decision of promoting students of all semesters except Final year's. Check out the link at end. The students in colleges all over India are facing the same issue. We are being mentally traumatized in this uneventful situation to keep up with the academic session which is not taken seriously by the teachers themselves. Most of the Professors in colleges are not equipped with online teaching, while some of who have the knowledge don't know how to optimise. Many of the students of various colleges are living in remote areas where they don't have access to Internet services or devices to use internet. The colleges are forcing students to take up online exams which is a big problem for many of the students. Most of the students don't have access to study materials, while the colleges are claiming the students can find any book online, so basically they are promoting piracy. I respectfully request the Department of Higher education Government of India and Prime Minister office of India to look into this matter and to promote the students of intermediate semesters using their previous academic records. For more insight on the issue refer to the following link. https://qr.ae/pNyGbaRead more

MAYANK MEHTABangalore, India
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Created May 8, 2020
Petition to Ralph S. Northam
On January 1, 2019, Matthew Rushin was a Black, autistic mechanical engineering student at Old Dominion University. He had a job where he was earning money, he had a girlfriend, he had friends, and he spent his spare time writing poetry, photographing nature, composing music, spending time with family, and volunteering with local charities, especially those who served the indigent (homeless) population.  On January 4, 2019, Matthew was heading to his job at Panera Bread to get some pastries and meet his new girlfriend as she got off her shift. As he pulled into the shopping center plaza, a man leaving the liquor store failed to remain stopped at a stop sign and grazed Matthew’s SUV. This accident was minor and common for that entrance. Matthew tried to get the man to move out of the intersection, but he remained there, illegally, making calls on his cell phone.  Matthew maneuvered around the parking lot, trying to prompt the man to pull off to the side. When the man wouldn’t move, Matthew felt overwhelmed by a panic that was unlike him. He started crying uncontrollably, trying to practice breathing exercises to get his emotions under control. This kind of emotional response was not typical for Matthew, and he was having a hard time understanding what happened to him.  After driving approximately two blocks, Matthew realized that he needed to return to the scene, even if it wasn’t his fault. He made a U-turn, and at that point lost consciousness. Matthew would describe over and over to detectives that he ended up in oncoming traffic and only remembered the LED lights of a vehicle he struck, but he did not realize he had traveled approximately a quarter of a mile between the U-turn and being in oncoming traffic. A few hours later, he would be charged with attempted murder. After the collision, Matthew reported that he “came to.” He screamed and asked for someone with a knife to cut him out of his vehicle (the airbags had deployed). Eventually, he climbed out the back of his SUV (the doors would not open), having lost his shoes along the way. It was raining and frigid, he was confused, and he was trying to understand what happened. Immediately, he was grabbed by a bystander who restrained him.  Another man, seeing a young Black male and an older white man, assumed that an altercation was taking place and came to assist by also restraining Matthew. As he’s standing there, being restrained by two strangers, barefoot, addled, confused, and bleeding from the head, one of the people involved in the crash approached Matthew, yelling, “What the fuck were you trying to do? Kill yourself?”  Witness testimony on what Matthew said following this confrontation was inconsistent. The man himself said that Matthew responded, “I want to die.” The police reported that Matthew said he wanted to kill himself. Matthew could not remember what he said.  When an autistic repeats something someone says, it is known as echolalia. It’s repeating things (like an echo) to help process them. Echolalia is especially common when an autistic person is in a state of overwhelm.  This response was the primary evidence used to charge Matthew Rushin with attempted murder. Later, this charge would be elevated to 2 counts of aggravated malicious wounding, a class 2 felony equivalent to first degree murder. Despite reporting loss of consciousness and disclosing his autism and ADHD diagnoses, Matthew was not transported for medical attention or evaluated. He was denied bond and access to medical appointments from the accident until after sentencing, despite having a cyst on his brain which requires annual MRI visits.  Matthew had a blood alcohol level of 0.00. He had no drugs or alcohol in his system. He was interrogated for hours and hours, and his story remained that he did not intentionally drive into traffic, but his loss of consciousness was painted as a suicide attempt.  Matthew's diagnoses:  Autism, ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, PTSD (from a Jan. 6, 2017 single car accident in snowstorm which left him with a serious brain injury and other physical injuries), traumatic brain injury, and a Rathke’s Cleft cyst on his brain. Following the accident in 2017, Matthew had seizures believed due to the traumatic brain injury; however, a seizure may have caused the accident.  At the time of the accident that led to his convictions, Matthew was still battling the effects of his TBI, and to this day the side effects continue to worsen.  Despite the well recorded physical and mental health history, his trial counsel failed to adequately advise Matthew and address that medical issues or Matthew’s neurodevelopmental diagnoses (autism and ADHD) could have contributed to the accident. She provided ineffective assistance of counsel by pressuring Matthew into pleading guilty to the charges despite his parents’ ardent protests to the “deal.” Matthew’s attorney went to the jail where he had been detained since the accident and advised him that if he signed it, he had a 50/50 chance of going home; otherwise, he was going to be in prison for the rest of his life.  Matthew believed that signing the plea deal meant that he was agreeing to lesser charges, not admitting to guilt. The lesser charges, however, still carried a maximum potential sentence of 50 years.  The original charge of attempted 2nd degree murder had a max of 10 years.  Before the plea deal, charges of aggravated malicious wounding (with a 20 year mandatory minimum each and a max of life in prison) had been added along with a felony hit and run with injury, a charge that would not even have been legally applicable to the events which transpired. In Virginia, a person involved in a hit-and-run has 24 hours to report the incident. Matthew was returning within two minutes of leaving the parking lot. There were no injuries in that collision, caused by “a moving vehicle” at a stop sign. That charge was an additional ten years on Matthew’s sentence. Echolalia: When Matthew climbed out of the back of his vehicle (all the air backs had deployed, so he had to exit the back).  He was in a state of high distress which witnesses described as: agitated, a little in hysterics, distraught, he didn't seem like he was all there, he wasn't really answering very well, his speech was a little slurred, disturbed-like mentally at that moment, like maybe shock, he wasn't receiving what the police officer was telling him, he was moving his head around a lot, flailing his arms quite a bit, wasn't receiving information (from bystander holding him and telling him to calm down and suggesting he lay down), it's like he didn't hear me, impression that even when the officer came up he was not understanding what was being communicated to him by witness or officer.His neurodivergence (autism and ADHD) and other relevant diagnoses (PTSD, Traumatic brain injury, anxiety) were not considered when interpreting his responses or his actions. Instead they exploited his vulnerabilities as they questioned him for hours.A forensic crash reconstruction physicist examined all of the evidence related to the crash and stated with confidence that there was no indication of a purposeful suicide attempt and that crash data recovered from the vehicle’s “black box” was consistent with pedal misapplication. He offered forensic analysis to demonstrate that the collision was in no way consistent with a suicide attempt.    Read more

BLM 757Newport News, VA, United States
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Created January 9, 2020
Petition to College Employer Council
their contract. College faculty have declared that they will be on strike as of October 16th, 2017 if a stands, College administrations have nothing to lose. Students pay the same tuition regardless of how two semesters Some are mature students with families to care for and bills to pay. Our collegeRead more

Amir AllanaKelowna, Canada
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Created October 3, 2017
Petition to Doug Ford, Christine Elliot
ProblemOn November 8, 2018, the College of Midwives of Ontario was advised that the Ontario Government's Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care will no longer provide operational grants to the College that require them to function to protect the public. The work of the College of Midwives of Ontario College of Midwives was working towards this goal. However, midwifery unlike other health professions is a resource their College, it is irresponsible to place even greater financial burdens on individuals midwivesRead more

Cheryl DuivesteynCambridge, Canada
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Created December 13, 2018
Petition to Trevor Packer, Senior Vice President of Advanced Placement and Instruction, The College Board
The college board is planning to make changes to Advanced Placement (AP) exams that will make things even more expensive and stressful for students, especially low-income students. Tell the College anxiety of getting into college. The cost of applications and exams, not to mention the prep courses possible for those in difficult economic situations. Now the College Board has added an extra stress for the $94 to take each test, the College Board is now adding a $40 late fee and a $40 cancellation feeRead more

Jennifer WanderUnited States
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Created October 17, 2018
Petition to Students, Past Students, Parents, Community Members, LGBTQ+ Advocates
Citipointe has recently sent out an amended enrollment contract which states that they can terminate a child’s enrollment based on sexual orientation, gender identity or sexual activity. Parents have been given a week to sign this new contract. Within this document, they compare homosexuality to incest and paedophilia, stating “We believe that any form of sexual immorality (including but not limiting to adultery, fornication, homosexual acts, bisexual acts, bestiality, incest, paedophilia and pornography) is sinful and offensive to God and is destructive to human relationships and society”.  They also state that they will refuse to acknowledge a student’s gender identity and will only acknowledge gender assignment given at birth.  Citipointe is using their religious beliefs to openly discriminate against queer and trans students, as well as threatening to take away their education. Sign the petition to show Citipointe that we will not stand for such blatant transphobia and homophobia. Read more

Bethany LauBrisbane, Australia
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Created January 28, 2022
mother right outside her school - Thomas Knyvett college. No attempt was made by anyone to stop this vicious attack. The principal at this college, casually strolls into the scene and does nothing toRead more

Magdalene ImonioroBromley, United Kingdom
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Created February 7, 2023
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