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Petition to Abmaud Arbery
Hello my name is Abmaud Arbery, and my murder was filmed on tape. I was killed in Georgia by two white men while Innocently jogging. I was racially profiled and my killers have not been charged with my murder. Please sign this petition and help bring justice for me, please speak for me as I cannot do for myself. D.A -Tom Darden District AttorneyPhone# 912-876-4151 945 E.G. Miles Parkway Hinesville, Georgia 31313Read more

Dana GraceWesthampton Beach, NY, United States
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Created May 6, 2020
Petition to Government
Stuart Garner ceo of now bankrupt Norton Motorcycles used 14 million pounds of people’s pension funds he obtained through fraudulent activity to set up 3 separate pension schemes and used the money to run his business and expensive lifestyle. The pension schemes were not protected by the financial authorities because he hadn’t gone through the correct procedures but stated to the pension people involved that he had done all the correct procedures and everyone’s money was safe. he used three convicted fraudsters to cold call the pension people go transfer their money into his schemes from their existing schemes and promised them a great rate on their savings and a tax free cash bonus for doing so which ended up costing the pension people fines from HMRC because this was not true. Mr Garner said he invested all the monies into Norton Motorcycles his company which is against the pension regulators rules that a pension scheme trustee can invest monies solely into their own personal businesses. A lot of the monies was used to fund personal lifestyles for his family and close friends including expensive sports cars and artworks for his stately home. since the company is now in administration it seems the people who invested unwillingly knowing the true nature of Mr Garners intentions have lost everything.   Mr garner needs to be questioned over his conduct and the government have to step in go help the 280 plus people who have lost all their savings.Read more

Commando 2012 pensionersUnited Kingdom
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Created Feb 20, 2020
Petition to Rob Sampson, Gale Mastrofrancesco, Liz Linehan, John Fusco, Joe Aresimowicz, Ned Lamont, Richard Blumenthal, Donald J. Trump, William Tong, Marrisa Gillet, Michael Caron, John Betkoski, James Judge
Residents have been abused by the delivery charges that Eversource is allowed to charge. It’s time and for all. Delivery charges should never be 3 times the usage. Let them hear our voices.Read more

Kevin CaseyUnited States
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Created Jul 25, 2020
Petition to Jerry Hill
Yeah!  Kiera will not face criminal charges!!!  Well done everyone and congratulations to Kiera andRead more

Maggie Gilman HolmCorbett, OR, United States
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Created May 1, 2013
Petition to RCMP - Grande Prairie (Sexsmith - Alberta)
to whether or not charges will be laid. This shouldn’t be a question of if. This inhumanRead more

Kirby SilverbergBolton, Canada
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Created Nov 20, 2018
Petition to The District Attorney's Office
immediately drop all charges against Ehud Halevy, a member of our congregation who was attacked by two lost. We are calling on the Brooklyn District Attorney to drop all charges against Ehud immediatelyRead more

Congregation AliyaBrooklyn, NY, United States
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Created Oct 18, 2012
Petition to Louisville Kentucky Justice System
Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend Kenneth Walker were sleeping inside their Springfield Drive apartment on March 13. Taylor worked for Louisville Metro Emergency Medical Services as a licensed EMT for two hospitals. Walker, 27, was about begin his new position with the postal service.  Around 12:30 a.m., three plainclothes police officers "breached the front door," and "blindly" opened fire into their apartment. The officers -- identified as Louisville Metro Police Department Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly and Officers Brett Hankinson and Myles Cosgrove -- were attempting to execute a search warrant for suspected drug trafficking and allegedly announced themselves before and after using a ram to break open the door, said Commander Ted Eidem, with the Louisville Police Department's Public Integrity Unit at the time.  Taylor was shot 8 times whilst sleeping and passed away from said gunshot wounds. She was 26.  Walker had a license to carry and kept firearms in the home for protection. He has no history of violence and no history of drug offenses. Walker was arrested and charged with assault and attempted murder of a police officer, simply for attempting to protect himself and his girlfriend.  Demand the change you wish to see within our justice system and do not let yet another POC fall victim to our faulty and racist persons in power. Read more

haylee nikkoleUnited States
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Created May 14, 2020
Petition to Byron W. Brown, Mark C. Poloncarz, Andrew M. Cuomo, Charles E. Schumer, Kirsten E. Gillibrand, New York State House, New York State Senate, Darius G. Pridgen
On June 4th, 2020 two Buffalo Police Officers (one of which was Officer Adam Torgalski) pushed a man down (75-year old Martin Gugino) and caused bleeding out from his head. Officers just kept walking by him as he was bleeding from his head, one tired to go to him and was pulled away by another officer. He was taken to the hospital where officials say he is in serious condition right now. These officers were suspended without pay but we demand for them to be charged with assault at the very least. If a citizen without a badge did this we would be in jail and charged for assault immediately. Equal treatment for all people! We want Justice for this man! A peaceful protest is not against the law and neither is approaching a cop to talk to them. No laws were broken. This is inexcusable! We have lost compassion for our fellow human. We will follow this story and provide updates!Read more

Lisa KrakowskiBuffalo, NY, United States
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Created Jun 5, 2020
Petition to Tampa Mayor Jane Castor, Florida Governor Governor Ron Desantis
Over 400 witnesses saw TPD spray us with what we believe to be bear spray and attacked  a protestor by putting their knee on her neck, because she did not give them her umbrella. Our peaceful protest was on its way from Curtis Hixon Park to Armature Works when the TPD intercepted us. Emadi had stated repeatedly he wanted only a peaceful protest and not a riot (the TPD charged him with “Inciting a riot,” which is a Class H felony). All recordings show that no one attacked TPD. All recordings of Emadi speaking at that protest and previous ones he attended will also show that he never incited violence towards a single soul. Read more

Joel GreenUnited States
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Created Jun 5, 2020
Petition to Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County District Attorney's Office
trying to protect his family. This man should have all charges dropped. The only solution is for all charges to be dropped and expunged from Mr. Harris' record.  Read more

Eric OrtizAmarillo, TX, United States
44,779 supporters
Created Aug 15, 2018
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