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Petition to Queensland court of appeals
many as possible to sign this petition to upgrade the charge from GBH to attempted murder. We demand aRead more

Rach MacPerth, Australia
35,681 supporters
Created September 17, 2019
Petition to Hackney Council, Boris Johnson
. We need to change this. After personally experiencing an attempted theft of our little puppy, Rudie all the dog walkers and owners of the Hackney area.  This September, a man attempted to steal ourRead more

Alice CarrollLondon, United Kingdom
58,912 supporters
Created September 20, 2020
Attempted suicide is illegal according to Nigeria’s Criminal and Penal Codes and penalizes citizens Nigeria still upholds this British-era criminalization of attempted suicide. Increases suicide, most countries had laws that punished people who attempted suicide. However, in the last 50 yearsRead more

Nigerian Mental HealthIL, Nigeria
4,458 supporters
Created February 10, 2023
Petition to Denver Police, Sheriff Fran Gomez, Jared Polis, Michael Hancock, Robert C. White, Dianne Primavera, Phil Weiser, Jena Griswold
to capture Jennifer's actions on camera. Please view Jennifer's attempted murder here: https protesters across the nation. In fact, we've already witnessed more attempted murders using vehicles Sheriff Department, to take prompt action in the arrest of Jennifer Watson for her crime of attempted murder with a deadly weapon. Read more

Lauren RoseColorado Springs, CO, United States
40,859 supporters
Created May 30, 2020
Petition to Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole
awaiting trial he was also indicted on another count of attempted murder for poisoning Staci’s sentencing him for 30 years and to serve 30% for the attempted murders of his estranged wife and mother ofRead more

Margaret JonesKnoxville, TN, United States
37,311 supporters
Created July 6, 2019
Petition to Nigeria law makers and Government
this petition to ensure the decriminalization of attempted suicide in Nigeria. Read more

Centre for Health Ethics Law and Development CHELDNigeria
1,345 supporters
Created September 8, 2021
Petition to Warner David "Dave" Chapman, Commonwealth's Attorney for the City of Charlottesville
Preston was charged with discharging a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school, and NOT with attempted in terrorist activities, not to slap them on the wrist. Charge Richard Wilson Preston with attempted murder, now!Read more

Jeremy JewellDurham, NC, United States
4,118 supporters
Created August 28, 2017
Petition to Malaysia, KPM , Students, Schools, Government
News came about the girl who attempted suicide and was investigated by the police for her actionsRead more

Qurratul AininaPenang, Malaysia
46,652 supporters
Created November 20, 2021
Petition to Sonoma county law enforcement, Sebastopol California law enforcement, Sebastopol California sheriffs, Sonoma County District Attorney
On October 26th 2019, Thomas Graham of Sebastopol California was arrested after police responded to a Shooting on Bodega Ave. Graham admitted to shooting the victim, who will continue to unnamed for his protection. After an argument, the victim was walking away with his back turned away to leave the house, when Graham shot the victim with a shotgun that had buck shot in it, through his front door and into the victim’s leg, Graham had no intentions on saving his victim and left the victim for dead without calling 911. When police showed up, the victim was barely breathing, and only had a pint of blood left in his body. Graham was arrested and released after a couple of days. The victim was brought to the hospital, barely making it. It’s been a month now, and he is still in the hospital trying to recover after a lot of surgeries and blood transfusions. Graham had admitted to shooting the victim, with a lot of evidence following everything. Now the Sonoma County District Attorney has decided to drop charges and let Thomas graham walk away without any punishments or actions taken. While the victim continues to lay in a hospital bed trying to heal, and will forever have damages and complications. He can’t do the work he used to, as well as loss of income being in the hospital. I refuse to sit back and watch this happen. By law allowing Thomas Graham to walk away, our justice system is showing it’s okay to go out and shoot people and get away with it, that you can attempt to take someone’s life, and walk away with no charges. How do people feel safe with that being done? Please help bring awareness to this and justice will be served. This victim is a member of my immediate family, and I will not stand for this to be forgotten.Read more

Lacey BoSanta Rosa, CA, United States
3,817 supporters
Created December 1, 2019
Petition to WWE, kurt angle
Less than an hour ago, at the WWE Great Balls Of Fire PPV, Roman Reigns was a sore loser, he lost to Braun Strowman, and then proceeded to spear him after the match, send him into the ambulance, pushed the driver out, drove it backstage and and drove it into the back of a trailer. The man left an injured victor, trapped in a ambulance for a solid 10+ minutes. We need to have this happen. OOOWWWAAAAHHHH    (P.S. For the WWE fans who can't take a joke and want to report my personal Twitter account, this is clearly a JOKE, and you're all actual idiots for thinking otherwise, aka all the stans on twitter who are out there trying to get a pop at me, when the rest of us all know it's a joke. But fine, I don't care, ruin a joke your communities bubble doesn't understand.)  Read more

Jack BIreland
3,343 supporters
Created July 9, 2017
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