YouTube to add Armenia in Monetization programme

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There are 3 million people in Armenia. We have many youtube channels with over 50,000 and 100,000 subscribers which is a lot for our community, with channel that has over 50,000,000 views combined. Many artists, musicians, news channels, bloggers, vloggers streamers, gamers and brands already have presence on Youtube. It is not our fault that we have only 3 million people, we do also want to have our own homepage for Armenia with trends and local content. Because Armenia is not listed on YouTube Partner Program (YPP) many channels change their location to other counties to be able to monetize their content. Armenian YouTubers dream about having own local site, and we need motivation to create and develop our community on global YouTube brand.

Dear YouTube, we love your website and we visit it every day. Please support us in this cause and add Armenia to supported monetized markets.



Armenian YouTube community