Brawl Stars - Bring Back Portrait Mode and Tapper Mode

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As of March, 9th, 2018 The Dev Team of Brawl Stars (A division of Supercell) had dropped a Update that took 3 Months make the Update which has been noted as The Most Unnecessary/Pointless. and the Most Worthless Update in the ENTIRE Games History. One Reddit post from the 15th Highest Ranking Brawl Stars Player talked to the Top 50 Brawl Stars Players and are all in Agreement with the Consensus that the Landscape Update or as some are willing to call it the Doomsday Update  needs to be removed. Since not only did they release Landscape Mode Only but also announced that there would be a total of

- 1 New Map

- 0 New Game Modes or Brawlers.

- And the most Important : Making Players who played via the means of Tapping to be FORCED to use the new "Tri-Joystick System"

Everybody agrees that there's multiple problems with this "Tri-Joystick System" some complaints include

- No Sensitivity Controls

- Fidgety Joystick Controls (Fitting into the No Sensitivity Controls)

- Awkward Phone/Pad Positioning.

- Awkward Super Button Placement

- Auto-Fire NOT working Correctly

- Joysticks being Too Small on IPad Screen.


- Hands Taking over about 25-50% of that "Revolutionary" Horizontal View for Phones.

We need to make them aware that this is not a Ok or Acceptable Update. That we were expecting something much, MUCH more than what we got and as a result what a better way to show that then getting a Petition on about it. It shouldn't be excused, as a Community we DO have a say in what happens to the future of this game and we have the absolute right to say that these controls should be OPTIONAL ONLY and not absolutely mandatory to play. It will harm the future of this game if this is just allowed to go on. Sign Up to preserve YOUR RIGHTS as a Player and of course tell Supercell on their Reddit for Brawl Stars #TappersarePeopleToo


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