#BLACKLIVESMATTER We are fighting and we demand to be heard NOW!

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  • I want to put an end to racism, I think it has existed for too long and it has to be eliminated, all those who share the same opinion that I have been acting calmly, asking to be heard, but now I think the time has come to demand to be heard and that our requests be fulfilled.
  • Racism is something that happens not only to blacks, but to all kinds of skin color, religion, ethnicity and race, and it will not end until human beings realize that we are all one race, we all have rights, we are all different and good, but we have similarities that make us say that we are all the same, and it is wrong to think that by a skin tone or by a religion the person in question is not qualified to do certain things, making them worse than someone else. And that is not true, we should all be focused on ourselves, to be "better than yesterday, not better than anyone". That's the goal. That's the objective.That's the point.
  • So by signing this petition you are helping to grow and to give voice to one of the many anti-racist projects that is now being born, not only by George Floyd, but for all those around the world who die at the hands of racists. I hope with this that steps will be taken to further control racism around the world, that it will be considered a major crime and punished fairly, because all I want is JUSTICE.