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Windows 10 Mobile for RT

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Dear Microsoft,

please bring Windows 10 Mobile on all Windows RT-devices.

Windows RT was far more brilliant than its market-share tells. Those looking for a tablet with a Desktop, Explorer, Office and Apps saw a dream come true when the first Surface was shown. The low price and long battery life were key to a perfect alternative to an expansive notebook and having Windows RT instead of a full Windows 8 were ok for a device on the go. Apps could have replaced many programs which couldn't be installed on the RT-devices, but sadly far too few were developed.

With Windows 10 (Mobile) that is hopefully about to change. Since Windows 10 Mobile is able to run even on a Lumia 520 there is no technical excuse to keep it away from any RT-device.

Those who have an RT-device are those who bought in the smartness of Windows 8. It should be a no-brainer to give Windows 10 to those who already saw the brilliance in Windows 8. It's ok to look out for those conservative Windows 7 enthusiasts. But no-one should be punished for understanding the philosophy of the new Windows, for being curious and brave. For being open to learn something new in order to make more out of Windows. For digging into the future instead of trying to preserve the past.

May it take a couple more month, maybe even after Windows 10 Mobile is launched, but put it on RT-devices. We beg you. Please.

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