We need to show Bandai that we Europeans need more support.

We need to show Bandai that we Europeans need more support.

15. Juli 2022
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Warum ist diese Petition wichtig?

Gestartet von Joel Bialik

It affects all European players, as we are as big as a Digimon community as the American players. We feel forgotten and sometimes like the last.
Nothing against our American friends but they are very much favoured.

We are, online only, over 200 players from the DACH region (Germany, Switzerland & Austria), 150+ from Spain, 100+ from France, 100+ from Italy, 75+ from the UK & Ireland, 50+ from the Netherlands & Belgium and many many more countries with over 20+ players.

It's always a gamble with the ticket allocation for the online tournaments and that's a shame because many players don't want to play the Digimon TCG anymore and switch to another game.


Here are a few things that bother us as a community in Europe:

- too few major tournaments* online and offline compared to USA, 

- 512 as a participation limit for the entire Europe is a joke,

- always changing the tournament organizers but the problem stays the same! Every time you got 5min to be able to register or you're fu*** or the website is lagging so much that you must pray to get your slot. Increasing the TO's could help a ton,

- they must consider EU community the same they consider US community, overall. (JP vs USA, Digi-Showdown etc.)


What we want:

- more TO's / major tournaments for EU tourneys for online and offline,

- equality for special events or Europe only events like the Digi-Showdowns

Share and spread the petition on social websites and for Twitter use the following tags:
#DigimonCardGame  #デジモンカードゲーム  #デジカ

*E.g., we had only one May-June online regional. If people weren’t select by the lottery or weren’t fast enough, you won't be able to get the regional participations cards anymore.


Thank you very much for reading through and maybe also supporting!

Joel “Yondaime” Bialik - Digimon TCG DACH
Alexander "PsychoFeather" Niklasson – represents North EU
Mat “Plandana” Renwick - represents UK
VeeLeague - Digimon TCG France
Alex & Riku - Digimon TCG SP

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358 Unterschriften:Nächstes Ziel: 500
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