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“Heat“ needs a Anniversary Edition!

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Hello, you movie enthusiasts out there!
This year, Michael Mann's masterpiece "Heat" is ready for its 20th anniversary.
This film is a milestone in the film history with the first clash of two actor titans, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

A nice Digibook packaging or a slipcover box with a photobook including the original posterartwork (no new photoshop cover like Goodfellas), some photos and stills of famous film scenes would be great. Further a new documentary, maybe a retrospective that shows how "Heat" influenced other movies in different genres, for example Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" would be very interesting.

Also, the sound could be improved since in the original version, there a a couple of problems like Dialogue volume very weak, most of the time you need to grab the remote and adjust the master volume. When the action starts, it's way too loud, overpowered and unbalanced. And need again to adjust the volume. Annoying, and especially if you have any neighbors. Both DVD & Blu-ray have the same audio problems.

As an Anniversary Edition on the part of Warner Home Video is more than likely, it is time for the movie to be presented in a quality which it truly deserves. In times of breathtaking 4K transfers, Warner is almost obliged to remaster this masterpiece. With a new 4K scan from the original camera negative, this film could look better. Look at Michael Mann's "Thief" or "The Insider", how great they look on Blu-ray Disc. With a new transfer, Warner also could profit from more customers buying their Anniversary Edition due to the tremendously upgraded video quality.

- new 4K transfer from the original camera negative
-a new documentary and all existing extras on a bonus Blu-ray Disc
-a nice packaging with a photobook including many intertesting informations about the film and great, original film stills
-as for the artwork the original blue or black poster artwork, no new photoshop cover
- audio needs to be remixed as well

Please sign for an Anniversary Edition that does the film justice.

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