Add Zilla to the Monsterverse giving him his own movie

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So I've had this idea of adding Zilla to the Monsterverse for a while with a story being realistic enough for a movie worth watching. (I haven't watched KOTM yet)

So basically here's the idea:

After the events of KOTM (or Godzilla vs Kong), an organisation (not Monarch) manages to get DNA samples of Godzilla and tries to recreate multiple modified versions of Godzilla for their own goals. They've created two Zillas who are genetically modified with faster speed and more improvements but especially they've made them obedient towards humans in order to follow instructions. The organisation claims to be a defense force and trains both Zillas as well as other small kaijus for defense measurements against future attacks of the titans such as Godzilla. However they plan to kill all of the titans with their trained kaijus for a better world and eventually taking control over it.

However, due to an accident, one of the Zillas manages to escape the facility. (Alternatively, a group of activists sabotages the facility to free the kaijus because of animal abuse but only the one Zilla manages to get out). Zilla searches for a new home and finds shelter in a small village. Due to his sense for human contact he gets along with the friendly villagers. He uses the local river to swim to the ocean to eat fish - not to worry, he won't eat humans or farmers' cows. (He's still in T-rex size)

After a long time after Zilla has grown a lot, the organisation manages to track Zilla to his current position. In order to get him back to the defense program, they try to knock him out using their specialised weapons first, afterwards they release the other kaijus on him (they can be original kaijus, not Toho ones). Realising that Zilla can't be defeated, the organisation decides to eliminate Zilla in order to erase the evidence of their ongoing project. They release the second Zilla, who was being modified to Cyber-Zilla, on Zilla in order to finally defeat him.

Near the end of the fight against Cyber-Zilla, Zilla learns the ability to control his green atomic breath and defeats Cyber-Zilla with it. Realising that the surrounding civilisation around him is in danger whenever he is around, Zilla decides to escape into the wild trying to avoid contact with humans.

Possible post-credit scenes:

1. The fully grown Zilla meets Godzilla

2. Monarch takes control over the organisation's activities and discovers files of a project called "Jet Jaguar"

I really hope Zilla gets included into the Monsterverse even though he was a bad redesign of Godzilla back in 1998. Let's make it happen!! The plot mentioned above doesn't neccessarily have to be done for the movie (if yes, I've already mentioned enough spoilers ^^), but it would be cool to see Zilla back on the cinema screen.


Greetings from Germany : )