Release 'Deadly Friend' Director's Cut on Blu-Ray/DVD

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This is a friendly petition to Warner Bros Home Entertainment to release the Director's Cut of the 1986 movie 'Deadly Friend' directed by Wes Craven. If Warner is not willing to restore and release the deleted footage, we ask the studio to license the movie to other company who would do so (Scream Factory, Arrow Films, Second Sight, Synapse Films, etc)


What do we mean by "Director's Cut"? How is it different from the existing film?

(if you feel lazy to read the whole text, here's a video with the whole story and pictures of unseen scenes:

Director's Wes Craven's and screenwriter's Bruce Joel Rubin's original vision for the film was to be a PG-rated supernatural science fiction thriller with the primary focus being on the dark macabre romantic love story between Paul and Samantha, as well as a secondary focus on the adults around them and how they are truly monsters inside themselves. Craven filmed this version of the film and Warner Bros. decided to screen it to a test audience mostly consisting of Wes Craven's fans. The response from fans was negative, criticizing the lack of violence and gore seen in Craven's previous films. The president of Warner Bros. at the time, Mark Tappin, demanded Rubin write additional gore scenes into his script, each bloodier then the last and scheduled re-shots. The gory dream sequences, the infamous basketball death scene and the opening jump scare scene where thief tries to steal van from Paul and his mom on the parking lot were not in the original script and were all consequences of these re-shots. The terrible nonsense ending where Samantha turns into a robot and kills Paul was a last minute idea of Tappin himself. Plus several scenes were cut to kill the love story and turn the film into a more straightforward horror movie. Stills of some of the deleted scenes were find online as it follows: Paul and Sam having a picnic in Paul's yard with BB, Paul and Sam sitting on some porch and kissing, Paul and Sam in Halloween costumes talking with same biker guy who bullied Paul earlier, Paul talking with his mom in his room after finding out that Sam is gonna be unplugged from life support, Paul at hospital kneeling next to Sam soon after she does gets unplugged from life support, and Elvira's death was different and less gory. Craven's original cut of the film was stored in the Warner Bros. vaults and was never seen again. Both Craven and Bruce Joel Rubin were not happy about the changes demanded by the studio nor how the movie turned out and almost disowned the film. 

As much as we are big fans of the released movie, we do believe there's a much better version of Deadly Friend stored that deserves to be seen. We do realize that the film negative may require restoration or remastering for High Definition, and if a Kickstarter campaign is necessary to have that completed for a future Blu-Ray release, we will do whatever's necessary to provide funding for the project. Our goal is to have a 'Deadly Friend' Collector's Edition with both the Director's Cut and the Theatrical Cut. 

We thank you for considering this petition!