Remove ban for recently banned ESL players and state clear rules about mods/cheats in competitive tournaments

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A lot of ESL players (including ESL admin, who later had ban removed and support ticket deleted) were banned for 2 years from competitive ESL tournaments and a week in game suspension without warning. ESL says the reason is "Cheating" when there are no clear rules about forbidden mods, besides Warpack, Tundra mod and some mods that are listed in rules page. Some of these people used OMC mod pack, others Aslain mod pack and some did not even have any mods and still got banned. This shady and sudden ban of most likely more than 100 players is not justified, because ESL does not agree to disclose the evidence for what these players were banned and seems to ignore our every try to contact them about these bans and do not care about their customer and community opinion about this matter.

In our, players who got banned, opinion this is unjustified and outright cowardly to not disclose the evidence. For some players ESL means a lot, some may even live from the money prizes and others have contracts with other product manufacturing companies and so on. ESL staff should have announced, that certain mod packs are illegal, made more thorough rules and given us a warning before outright banning everyone. Or best and most fair solution to make an announcement, that from now on ESL tournaments are played without any mods whatsoever like in Gold Series, with Wire Anti-Cheat check game client and look for different files from vanilla WoT client, given us at most 1 or 2 month ban as a warning so that we would know for the next tournament to have a clean, vanilla WoT client. 2 year ban is just too much without a clear reason and evidence. Changes needs to be made.
We hope they will pay attention to their community plea for change

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