Make Muenster food full of taste not plastic (NRW)

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Short: do we need plastic to drink? no:) Lets convince UKM Cafeteria to retrieve plastic straws from the juices they sell. Easy-peasy, no costs required, less garbage in your city and the world! ;)  (and less little vulnerable turtles with the plastic straws stuck in their noses!)

Descriptive: already for some time the topic of plastic contamination is popular and - reasonable. Public posts with animals stuck in packaging or unswimmable ocean beaches collect thousands of likes and "crying faces". But can you go further then that? Can you change the situation at least in your city, in one organisation, in one building? The initiative group of WWU researchers contacted the chief of the department Gastromonie of UKM Cafeteria, Herr Andreas Hettich, with a suggestion to sell their juice without plastic straws as they are not neccesarily required for the drinking process. No additional costs required, just DON'T put a straw in EVERY glass! This can bring improvement AND change to the understanding of the plastic contamination problem in our minds. Nevertheless, the reply was a rejection and the explanation WAS: people like drinking juice with a straw! Alright, it is nicer for some, indeed, but can we not sacrifice at least the joy of drinking through a plastic straw to the better nature and less suffer for animals ect, ect? YES, WE CAN! :) People are not only about eating and pleasuring themselves with easy pleasures (at least do something real fun if you want to damage your own world ;p). So, lets collect 1800 signatures (this is the daily ammount of UKM Cafeteria customers) and show Herr Hettich that WE CARE!!!