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Mihran Harutyunyan - the victim of injustice. #RioOlympics

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In 2016, on August 16, the 31th, at the Rio Olympics, during the bout with Davor Shtefaneki, the Armenian wrestler Mihran Harutyunyan was deprived of the Olympic gold because of the referee's inequity. This is a disgrace for the Greco-Roman wrestling and the whole world witnessed who the real champion is. The injustice can cause the talented athlete to leave the big sport. Is  honourable for the Rio Olympics and United World Wrestling?

We call on the various international sports federations, the Greco-Roman Federation and the United World wrestling to pursue this issue and restore justice. Every single injustice in sports overshadows the whole Olympics. Rio Olympic organizers must join this claim as well and take steps to restore justice in sports, in this case - in the whole Olympics.

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