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Jerusalem for Palestine

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Unlimited sad and tears from us, which we are human, we are woman and mother to hear what happen to Palestine, episode by episode. All the story about them is still in tragedy situation. What ever the reason of the things happen to them, absolutely against humanity rules. All of the life there is priceless as we have, all the dreams there have the same right as we have all the right as the human also same with us. If the war must happen do as the real war with the hero rule, without the Violence to the humanity. 

We are support Palestine for still own Jerusalem, with humanity reason. If Israel want Jerusalem they must do as the procedure that international have. We cry for Palestine as we Cry for the humanity right which got abuse episode by episode in Palestine, which is still apart of our earth. Because We are human, Woman, and Mother, We call all the people who same with us to stand up the same as us for Palestine. 




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