“Join together to combat the promotion of pedophilia, rape and racism”

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“Join together to combat the promotion of pedophilia, rape and racism”

Dear friends and comrades

The Iranian poet Ali Abdul Razaei, self-proclaimed Anarchist and the leader of so called “Irananarchist” Party, currently residing in London, has been promoting racism in his poetry and calling for the rape of women and children. He then continues to specifically referring to the women and children as “wives of mullahs , and their children”. He promises paradise to his followers for this act. The numerous clips he has published on social media are proof of this .

We are all familiar with the various cases of rape of underaged boys in Iranian schools, even the Quran reciter of Ayatullah Khamenei has confessed to his crime, but the justice for the victims who are in their 20’s today, have not been served, and “Toosi” is a free man.

There are also thousands of cases in which virgin female political prisoners arrested following the revolution of 1979 been raped before execution.
The voice recordings of Abdolrezaei preaches and promotes the same rhetoric of violence and rape. If we do not stand firm NOW against such calls and rhetoric that promotes racism, pedophilia, and misogyny, it will be normalized as it has become normal in Iran today.

Due to the corruption of the justice system, families of the victims can not take legal action, or their legal action will not go far as to bring the criminal to justice. It is our role as human rights activists and civil society organisations in diaspora to put an end to these calls.

The question is, what is the appropriate method to adopt against such atrocity? What is our human duty? Hence, we decided to actively engage in a campaign to express our outrage and make a public complaint to condemn Abdol rezaei in a British court for the promotion of pedophilia and practice of hate speech and xenophobia. And to display a public solidarity with the victims of rape in Iran who are waiting for justice to be served one day.

This is the duty of all the opposition, women and children rights activists, human rights activists, writers, and journalists Iranian and non Iranian to block the access of the rhetoric of rape and pedophilia to the circle of activists in diaspora. This is the same rhetoric which has been the landmark of Iranian government since its inception in 1979 and will have no place in the future of Iran.

همه با هم جلوی ترویج پدوفیلی، تجاوز به زنان و نژادپرستی را بگیریم.

دوستان و رفقاي عزيز
شاعری بنام علی عبدالرضايی كه خود را ليدر حزب ايرانارشيست معرفی می‌كند، در ماههای گذشته به تبليغ نژادپرستی پرداخته و فتوای تجاوز به زنان و كودكان را داده و در قبال این رفتارهای غیرانسانی هوادارنش را وعده بهشت داده است. كلبيپ های متعددی که از او در دنيای مجازي منتشر شده است مدرک اثبات اين ادعا می‌باشد که با توجه به ذخیره شدن این مدارک توسط مبارزین با شرافت آزادی و برابری، هر زمان قابل ارائه میباشند.

پرسش اين است كه در مقابل چنين فضای آلوده‌ای چه روش مناسبی بايد اتخاذ نمود؟
اگر در مقابل چنين صدا و فرهنگی محكم نايستيم آيا پيامدش اين نخواهد شد كه اين فرهنگ نژادپرستانه، پدوفيلی و زن ستيز
جای خود را در جامعه انسانی كم كم باز خواهد نمود و روند نرماليزه كردن را خواهد پيمود.

وظيفه انسانی ما چيست؟
از اين رو بر آن شديم كه در اين زمينه فعالانه بر خورد كنيم و با جمع كردن امضاهايی در جهت مقابله با اين تفكر ضد انساني، نفرت و انزجار خود را بيان كنيم و در مقابله با اين تفكر، يك همبستگی انسانی را به نمايش بگذاريم.