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Preserve the American Dream and STOP visa fraud in Moldova

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We all work hard to achieve what we believe is the “American Dream”. A life full of happiness and success, through hard work and perseverance. It is not any different 5,653 mi away in the small (post-soviet) Eastern European country of Moldova, where people hope to someday come to America and work towards that same “American Dream”.

To help people around the world have the opportunity to immigrate to the US, the State Department offers a program known as the Diversity Visa Lottery. The “green card lottery” as it is called, allows Moldovan citizens (and those of other countries around the world) to apply for FREE and enter for a chance to win a low cost visa to the United States .

In the last several years, in Moldova there has been an epidemic of companies taking advantage of this FREE lottery and reselling this FREE U.S. Government Service for sums of up to $1399. They lure unsuspecting applicants into a large fee through false promises, preying on the lack of confidence these people have in their english, and lack of understanding in the process.

As you walk the streets of Moldova, employees from these companies, wearing American flag clothing, loudly sell the “American Dream” trying to sign passersby up for the “green card lottery”. These workers are being paid per head to collect victims for their company’s fraudulent process. They promise a path to America. They promise help with work in the states. They promise a better life. What they deliver is debt. they charge $1399, if you are selected in this lottery, a sum that is over 60% of an average yearly salary in Moldova.

The Diversity Visa Program entry application is not only provided for free but is easy to sign up for. The directions are often provided in the native language of the person filling out the lottery form.

If this company’s blatant reselling of US Government Services isn’t angering you enough I challenge you to watch this video. Notice this version of the “American dream” being portrayed to underprivileged youth seeking a better life

So why a petition to the US Government to stop this? A few reasons…

The US response to these scams is local and outmatched

In Moldova’s case the US Embassy is forced to advertise it’s own visa programs and run the press circuit explaining the fraud these companies are perpetrating.  While the women and men at the US Embassy in Chisinau are doing a great job trying to get the word out they are being outspent by a multi-million dollar industry. The Moldovan news literally confuses these companies with the US Government they are so pervasive.

The local (in this case Moldovan) response is nonexistent

These are US Companies

Companies are running the whole operation in the US, taking advantage of our simple business laws and sheltering from their own legal systems on our shores. Our goal is to have laws passed or enforced, making it illegal to conduct their fraudulent activities abroad.  Halting them from enticing citizens of a nation to pay for FREE services and holding these perpetrators accountable under U.S. law.  We have the power to evoke change. We are a nation of immigrants. Please sign this petition so that the next generation of immigrants might be protected from predatory companies who seek to bring them to America in debt.

Join us TODAY. Preserve the American Dream and STOP visa fraud in Moldova. #LEGALGREENCARD

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