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Appeal to the American people

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Dear American friends of Moldova,

We have learnt that Vladimir Plahotniuc, a Moldovan oligarch, charged with transnational financial crimes and organization of assassinations, who has subdued all government structures in Moldova, is planning several meetings with top politicians and diplomats in the US, trying thus to convince the Moldovan citizens that he enjoys full support of the United States.

We kindly request you to convince your government that it is inadvisable to have any meeting with this man. To finance his business empire, he uses – among others – the Russian public energy and media corporations. He is the one who jeopardizes democracy in our country.

Refusal of the US authorities to support this ambitious PR campaign of the best hated man in Moldovan politics will be highly appreciated by the Moldovan people.

Hoping that you will support the Moldovan citizens in their fight against Mr. Plahotniuc’s oligarchy,

Sincerely yours,

People of Moldova

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