Identical reprint of this embossed The Terminator Steelbook

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This year, James Cameron's The Terminator celebrates its 35th Anniversary. For this, it deserves a special packaging. In 2015, MGM/Fox released a wonderful embossed Steelbook in China. In my opinion, the best The Terminator Steelbook and one of the best Steelbooks that was made to date. My wish is that MGM/Fox makes an identical reprint of this Steelbook with the exact same artwork and embossing treatment on the title, border and the outline of the crouching T-800. This artwork matches the spirit of the film perfectly and an embossing is very pleasing for collectors. Collectors around the world deserve to have the possibility to buy this Steelbook for an affordable price. Universal did the same with the reprint of the embossed Chinese Gladiator Steelbook. From an economic viewpoint it makes sense, as the manufacturer Scanavo owns all the print files and embossing stencil, so they could cut costs.

Please sign for a reprint of this Steelbook for Europe, as countries like United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France and Spain are huge markets for collectors editions like Steelbooks. A print run for multiple countries could lower costs and has been the usual practice for years. We deserve for the 35th Anniversary this exact Steelbook, no uninspired new Steelbook-artworks like so many in the past (Predator UHD Steelbook last year and the upcoming Alien 40th Anniversary UHD Steelbook).