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C. J. Ford
Anaheim, CA

Oct 11, 2016 — We had come to a very pivotal week in the Kenneth Clair case. This Friday, October 14, 2016 will determine the direction of Mr. Clair's legal defense. Mr. Clair will be declaring a conflict with his present attorney, who was the same attorney in his criminal case years ago, who assisted Margaret Hessling in her welfare fraud case. If you have been following the story, Ms. Hessling had a felony criminal welfare fraud case, that the state postponed during Kenneth Clair’s trial because she was a key witness for the State. A deal was struck to postpone Hessling’s case until Clair’s conviction. Jurors never heard about this in Clair’s criminal case, just like the juror’s never heard about Hessling’s son telling the police that a white man committed the crime. For Hessling’s assistance to convict Clair, she received a small fine and no jail time.

So we end another chapter in questionable legal representation in behalf of Kenneth Clair that has expanded over 30 years of his incarceration. The question on Friday will be if the court will give Mr. Clair time to get New Counsel, let Clair go Pro Per Clair until Clair can find someone to represent him, forcefully interject and appoint someone else as his counsel, or just issue another continuance because they do not have a clue as what they need to do next.

Let’s be realistic. The justice system is not pulling it’s weight in making trials fair not only locally, but nationally. This is why I will be peacefully protesting for fair and equal justice, until prosecutors who commit these criminal acts of withholding exculpatory information to build their careers around sending people who they know are innocent to jail, are sent to jail themselves. This would take me several updates to go into detail, so I will do that at another time because there are more positive information I need to share in this update. Let’s focus now on our plan to move forward.

As you have heard there are 3 media productions that are in the making that will be released hopefully very soon. I was also approached yesterday from an established Hollywood Producer and Filmmaker. They considered this story as one of the top stories out there, and they not only want to help get Mr. Clair’s story out there, but they are interested in the fact that our petition stands for justice for all of the Kenneth Clair’s out there. They do not only want to assist Mr. Clair, but they feel like they can assist our campaign and our petition. Hopefully they are talking about donations and maybe assisting at events. Of course, I told them I will be meeting with them this week.

Speaking about our campaign, we have reserved Santa Ana College for November 23, 2016 for a rally. I haven't announced this until today, because yesterday everything was finalize. This will be the day before Thanksgiving. This is a school day for the students at the college, and they will be invited just like everyone else. We are expecting a very large turnout. There was some strategy behind planning this event because the present political atmosphere has been getting all of the attention, and hopefully by November 6th and shortly after, the cycle will shift back to reforming the justice system. What a perfect way to go into Thanksgiving by lifting up wrongful convictions and a faulty justice system, and being thankful that we have the audacity to stand together and come forward despite horrendous opposition.

Our petition has slowed down considerably, considering the outrage that people must have against the unfairness of the justice system. However, if you keep on getting someone new to sign the petition, our efforts will not be in vain. If you are able to contribute, please do so. But I can assure you that once these media productions are aired, our petition will kickstart and I expect the numbers to double that we have.

In closing, I just want to remind you, that you are part of one of the greatest justice reform petitions ever. There are stories that will air, books that will be written, and I believe a considerable measure of unfair justice will be struck because of your efforts. So please continue your support in any way that you can, and I will update you on relevant issues.

Thank you for supporting Kenneth Clair, and all of the other Kenneth Clair’s nationally…. You are the campaign, and you are making a difference. CJ

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