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C. J. Ford
Anaheim, CA

Mar 10, 2016 — First of all I want to thank all of the supporters who have contributed and will continue to contribute to this campaign. I was emailed by one of our supporters who wanted to call my attention to an article that was in the Huffington Post. This article was regarding how an employee of the district attorney's office got special treatment after he attacked an Orange County defense attorney. This defense attorney has opposed the district attorney in the concealment of evidence, and the battle of confidential informant scandal.

I have expressed in the past that the Orange County district attorney's office and Mr. Tony Rackauckas have a win at all costs philosophy, and I guess it has manifested itself from their detention of innocent people, to a street fight mentality of attacking their opposition.

This is why our petition is so important because we are bringing out all of this injustice to people throughout this country, and in the world. You are witnessing things firsthand through our struggle to exonerate an innocent man, and trying to expose the district attorneys tactics in their continual attempts to pervert the justice system for others. We will likely have updates most of this week on these type of situations, because I seriously need your input as we fight this historic battle.

I would like each supporter, if possible, to comments not only on this update, but on the one by the Huffington Post. We really need them to print something about our petition, because this is one of the biggest justice petitions in the country, and it is somehow being overshadowed by the media’s lust to cover the presidential campaign primaries. In your comments to the Huffington Post, tell them about our petition. So let's get busy, and go after media coverage.

We still need to do some serious fundraising because the supporters and I really want to have another rally, because we need media coverage. Without the needed financial support, we cannot advance our historic journey. To donate online, please go to To send a donation, send it to CRIC, 211 S. State College Blvd. #316, Anaheim, CA. 92806.

Also, keep sharing this petition. Get other family members and friends involved. As long as our petition keeps growing, we get stronger. We can easily get this petition over 200,000 people by each of us just finding 1 to 5 new people to sign the petition today. This is not very hard to do. You may have a friend on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or on your social network. It may be a coworker sitting right next to you. I am asking you to find someone today to sign. Paste the link in your smart phone so you can forward it to someone, or they can just sign it on your phone. Think of a way to get more signatures….. but please get them today if you can, or every time you have an opportunity. Thank you…..

“When the prosecution forges a separate alliance within itself, not of the people, it no longer represents the people that it claims. It is a rogue entity and represents no one but itself.”
C. J. Ford, Jr.

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