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C. J. Ford
Anaheim, CA

Feb 23, 2016 — Judge Thomas Goethals may be Kenneth Clair's last hope to kill the deal between the district attorney and Kenneth Clair's defense. We are hoping that the judge denies all jurisdiction in this matter, and sends the prosecution and the defense a message. The message should simply state that this court does not have the authority to broker a deal between the prosecutor, known as the DA, and Mr. Clair's present attorney.

Mr. Clair should not be subject to making any deals, and to admitting to a crime he did not perpetrate, just to get a chance at parole. Mr. Clair’s evidence overwhelmingly points to his innocence. Parole is a tool for guilty defendant's, who have admitted that they are guilty, and feel that their time in jail justifies by their performance or other means, warrants a periodical review that can set them free.

“When the prosecution forges a separate alliance within itself, not of the people, it no longer represent the people that it claims, it is a rogue entity and represents no one but itself.”

This petition has served not only Orange County, but the country, and even the world. Orange County is under a microscope right now by not only the State and Federal probes, but the people, the real people in this country.

As part of our progression in this campaign, I am going to add an additional element, which is education. I will try through various articles this week to educate every supporter on what is really taking place here, and how this impact will affect not only this community, but all of the supporter’s communities.

Prosecution Immunity, starts as a trust that the people have with the justice department to fairly take action in their behalf against criminals, without the fear of retaliatory measures taken against them. This is a sacred trust by the people given to the prosecution to honestly represent their best interest. However, when a trust is violated to serve the evil interest and advancement of the organization (DA Office) that the people trusted, this becomes criminal and cannot be tolerated. The people's intent was never to endorse criminal actions by the prosecution, because the people originally believed that these DA’s were honorable people, and would perform their duties honorably.

We are facing not only in this case, but across the country, the insertion that we should unconditionally support the prosecution. But this unconditional support is allowing the prosecutors to use criminal means to conduct business in behalf of us, the people. If we allow this, we are just as criminal as a prosecutor's that we have put in position to represent our best of interest.

So the real question at this point is, what are we going to do about it? Prosecution misconduct and immunity to the degree of committing criminal offenses to deprive people of their civil rights, constitutional rights, and alienate and imprison them is simply wrong. That is the heart of this petition. This is why we all need to stand together, sacrifice together, and work together, to turn our communities back into a justice system that is really just.

There are Kenneth Clair’s in every community that are watching over what we decide to do as supporters of this petition. Each time these Kenneth Clair’s wake up in their wrongful state of conviction, they see the name Kenneth Clair. They dream the dream and substitute their name as Kenneth Clair, and hope that we are also speaking for them. These Kenneth Clair's are reading our comments, sharing these comments with their families and loved ones, wishing and hoping that we are successful. These Kenneth Clair's and their families and their friends, are asking themselves whether we are going to support this petition financially, make every effort to sign and have others to sign this petition. These Kenneth Clair’s could be a father, mother, brother, sister, relative, close friend, someone that we don't know but sympathize with, or it could even be us in a future situation.

So I am going to try to educate all of us, so we know what to expect, and what has already occurred. But we have to really start emerging ourselves into this campaign because I cannot tell you how historical this moment in time and history really is. It's like the civil rights movement being replayed all over again, but the overall focus is on the justice system. A system now that has taken on its new form and shape, and it is telling us that we are no longer the people, or the voice, that they represent.

So please give more than you ever have in the way of donations, please share this petition to the point of putting the link into your smart phones and having others to sign, or text messaging them the link. We have to give now, and support now, because we are too far emerged in this effort to quit or waiver, when the victory and the redefinition of fair unequivocal justice is within our fingertips.

Please read this attachment for educational purposes, and I will continue to make you aware of the situation in this community, and you can comment so that we can make an joining plan for your communities.

This article is by R. Scott Moxley a champion reporter for the Orange County Weekly who’s courage to investigate and report the truth is legendary.

To write a check, CRIC, 211 S. State College Blvd. #316, Anaheim, CA. 92806.

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