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We demand to give freedom jailed dolphins in “Best Western Paradise” hotel, as long as they are alive.

On September 26 information was circulated in social networks that in the swimming-pool of “Best Western Paradise” hotel is organized dolphintherapy for sick children. This announcement had a negative reaction from the society and it’s a reason that we ask you to join our initiative against jailing of dolphins.

These animals lost their native habitat, they are deprived of the opportunity to live freely. Dolphins are not used to be in closed spaces, moreover not to be in sea water. This swimming pool is very small and full of chlorinated water that contributes to their blindness. Animals are in а serious stress while they are transporting. They are transported in small water containers where can’t even move, the duration of the shipment is about 2 hours, during this time they are exposed to the impact of sea level changes. For example, Dilijan city is high above the sea level 1500m.

International experts write that dolphintherapy is a myth that has been invented by people who pursue profits. In fact, the imprisoned animal is full of aggression and can be dangerous for people, especially for children.

Exploitation of dolphins in closed spaces is prohibited in all the advanced countries such as UK, USA, Switzerland and also from 04.05.2017 in France.

Scientists and government agencies in the advanced countries have taken into account the high intelligence, the peculiarities of the existence of these animals, and also the invaluable significance they have in the ecosystem. It is not clear to us how the state bodies can allow the entrance of such organizations in Armenia, moreover, while the Dolphinarium which was located in Komitas Park was closed years ago.

We, Armenian citizens, demand to set free the jailed animals in “Best Western Paradise” hotel and no longer allow such non-humanitarian organizations to operate in the territory of Armenia.

Save the dolphins as long as they are alive.

We urge society to sign under this letter.


“Center of Birdlovers” NGO

“Civil Voice” NGO

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