Justice for Windrush Now

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We the undersigned call on the Prime Minister Theresa May to use her final days in office to resolve all outstanding Windrush cases.  
The Prime Minister has spoken at great length recently about her legacy. If she leaves office before resolving the Windrush scandal and the many outstanding cases, then this will be her legacy. 

I urge Theresa May to do more than just offer warm words and take action to solve the crisis that she created that was supposed to have ended over a year ago. I ask all of you to join me in demanding that Mrs May and the Conservative Government resolve these outstanding Windrush cases by Wednesday 24th of July, the day that she steps down as Prime Minister. 

In 1948, individuals throughout the Empire received citizenship under the British Nationality Act. Citizens throughout the Caribbean came to the United Kingdom in order to help rebuild the country after the war. They lived here, worked here and raised families here. 

The hostile environment policy accelerated during Mrs May's time as Home Secretary led to many of these citizens losing their rights and in some cases being deported back to the Caribbean. Others lost jobs, were forced into debt and suffer from immense stress and fear because of the Governments hostile environment policy.  

The former Home Secretary Amber Rudd said in April 2018 that it would only take two weeks to resolve the Windrush cases. This has proven false as over a year later there are still as significant number of outstanding cases. What has been done to these British citizens is outrageous and just is not fair. There must be an end to it immediately. 

Please help us to reach 10,000 signatures so that we can finally put an end to this injustice.