Compulsory hospitalization of Eugenia Cooney

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Eugenia Cooney is a popular YouTuber having more than 1.4 million subscribers and a pretty big fanbase consisting of many young girls wanting to look like her. If you don't know Eugenia, you might wonder why that would be a problem. Well, Eugenia Cooney has an eating disorder and weights less than 80 pounds which is deadly considering she isn't 9 years old. In fact she's 24 years old by now and measures 5'9". On her YouTube channel you can watch her lose more and more weight and slowly die. This has been going on for too long now and it's unsure how much longer her body will make it. Today morning I checked out her latest video and burst out in tears. I'm afraid she won't make it much longer. :(

Eugenia is such a nice person, gives good advice even if she doesn't take any herself and is definitely too young to die! Another important aspect is that she's not only destroying herself, but she's also being a bad influence on young girls who admire her and try to lose weight to be as skinny.

Since we've been asking her to stop and get help for YEARS, it's now up to us to make a change. We have to stop this. We have to stop watching her die. There has been another petition around demanding her channel gets taken off of YouTube, but that's not right. It'd still go on. We cannot close our eyes when we don't want to see someone suffer. We have to help them. I don't get how watching her die and not doing anything about it isn't considered assisted suicide. Eugenia HAS to be taken to hospital and HAS to be under a physician's care. She will not stop herself. Somebody has to make her. If nobody does so, she'll die. 



A short note to everyone who's come this far: This isn't meant to be hate and I'm not even sure if this reasonable to ask for. But I really can't just sit around and do nothing any longer. I myself had to be hospitalized against my will a few years ago because of a suicide attempt. And lord, am I grateful for it. I hated it and I was so mad they didn't just let me do what I wanted to do. I mean, it was MY life after all. But today I know what amazing things I would have missed if they had let me die. And I believe there are many more to come! I feel like this is a similar situation and since it helped me enjoy life and STAY ALIVE, maybe it'll help heir, too? 

Thank you for your attention.