Stop Disney Aulani from killing cats

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While staying at the Disney Aulani Resort (2/13-2/18), I met three outdoor cats on the property. These cats don't belong to anybody and were most likely dumped there. Luckily, we were able to catch one and adopt it out to a family in Seattle. I arranged for one of the remaining cats to come to Chicago with me. The third cat was also going to be trapped and fostered through Cat People of O'ahu.

When the volunteers went to get the two cats, Disney Aulani refused to let volunteers on the property to catch the cats. I spoke with a manager of the resort, Brad, who said they, "do not need our 'services' as volunteers." Instead, the resort uses EcoLab, a pest control company. I called EcoLab who said they take captured cats to Hawaiian Humane Society. Since O'ahu is overpopulated with cats, Hawaiian Humane Society will euthanize cats that are not adoptable (this is NOT Hawaiian Humane Society's issue, they euthanize because of overpopulation.)

When I explained to Brad that cats caught on the property would likely be euthanized and we only wanted to help the cats, he again stated, "we do not need your services." And that any volunteers who come will be turned away from the property.

I have a group of volunteers ready and willing to catch the cats at Disney Aulani. We have an open home for the cat we promised safety for. All the vetting and supplies are paid for, but Disney A'ulani won't let us help these cats. 

Please sign this petition and help us help the cats of Disney Aulani. It is unacceptable that they will not work with local TNR volunteers to safely and effectively remove cats from their property. This could be a wonderful partnership to benefit many cats that are dumped down the road. 

Anyone wishing to support these efforts monetarily can donate to Cat People of O'ahu. 

We look forward to getting this kitty safely to Chicago and into a loving forever home.