Make Oswald the Lucky Rabbit a staple Disney character!

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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is Walt Disneys first cartoon character, who made his debut back in 1927. Walt had a deal with Universal where he had to create some cartoons with his own character. Thus, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was born!

Oswald was a big success! Walt and his team created about 27 shorts for Universal and made Oswald pretty popular. Unfortunately Walt lost the rights to Oswald in 1928 after an argument with his producer Charles Mintz. Mickey Mouse was created and soon became very popular, Walt left Universal and let Oswald at Universal.

Mintz continued on producing Oswald cartoons with his own studio but they were never as sucessfull as the cartoons by Disney were. After some redesigns and more cartoons, Oswalds cartoon career ended and he only had some cameos and comic appearances in the following years. He became forgotten.

But in 2006, Disney made a deal with Universal where they traded all the rights for the Oswald cartoons that Walt and his team created and Oswald and friends themselves in exchange for the sportscaster Al Michaels. Disney received the copyright for Oswald and his first 26 shorts. Oswald was back! Until now Oswald appeared in the video game series Epic Mickey, made some small cameos in comics, movies and the newest Mickey Mouse cartoons. He even is a character in Disneyland and has merchandise like Oswald hats, plushes, mugs and so on. But is that really all? Disney put so much effort in bringing Oswald back but barely used him til now and that is why I created his petition.

Oswald deserves more, he was the first cartoon character Walt Disney ever created and he made a huge impact on Walts career and the making of Mickey Mouse. He deserves to appear more often and have his own series! Please, help Oswald by signing this petition and help him getting more appearances and love from Disney! Thank you!