Demand an HD remaster of Epic Mickey for Nintendo Switch!

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Bring back Epic Mickey as a remaster for Nintendo Switch!

Epic Mickey was one of the most memorable and beloved Disney games we have ever had. It was scary, funny, had awesome music and introduced many children to the "World of forgotten Toons". Even nearly 9 years after its release, there are many active communities who still talk about it & even make games to continue the series!

"The game is set in a world called Wasteland, which is a home for all of Disney's forgotten and rejected characters, theme park rides..." - Warren Spector

It would easily sell many copies if it was released on Nintendo Switch. The magic is still there, and today's children should have the chance to play this game, too.

"They have even managed to take a nearly dormant character in Oswald and introduce him in a spectacular way, making him one of the most memorable video game characters of the year" - IGN

Our demands are:

  1. A remaster of Epic Mickey for Nintendo Switch!
  2. A release on all frequently used platforms possible, not exclusive!
  3. More attention for the community!

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