Dear football teams! Please, support the idea of creating a Park of Champions in Kazan!

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My name is Yulia and I live all my life in Kazan. I wish our city to stay green and to be comfortable for life. Nevertheless, in the recent years Kazan has lost a huge amount of green areas: riverbanks are backfilled with sand, trees are cut down, and the citizens of Kazan are deprived of important nature territories, which are disturbed for the purposes of construction, including the buildings for FIFA 2018. Right currently the fate of the next natural area on the bank of the Kazanka River is being determined - and that's why today I'm asking for your help.

I appeal to captains of national teams, which will come to our city in a few weeks to participate in the World Cup. Today, Kazan residents need your help.

The fact is that in the near future a large natural area (25 hectares) next to the Kazan Arena stadium, between Gavrilov Street and the Kazanka River, could be sold for the construction activities, in violation of the legislation and contrary to the current General Plan of the city.

Starting from May 29th in Kazan the public hearings of the draft new General Plan will be held, where the building-up of the green zone can be legalized.

We are not agree with perspective, the high-rise buildings to grow on our favorite recreation area.

World Cup is a great sport event, during that the attention of the whole sports world will be focused on our city. I ask you, sports performers, to speak publicly to support the creation of a Park of Champions in the territory I am talking about, and plant trees on it. We are glad that our city has created all conditions for this memorable football fest, but now we need your help.

The project of creation of a natural recreational park in the given territory has been already developed, including the organization of a modern scientific and educational Ecocentre, ecological improvement, creation of eco-paths, bicycle paths, conditions for sports, recreation, eco-awareness for children and adults in natural conditions.

Support by sport teams in the creation of the park can be a powerful argument for the city authorities and business representatives to abandon construction activities in the green zone, and become your personal act of goodwill for the development of Kazan and for the people living here.

We kindly ask you to sign our petition and help us to send a message of the residents of Kazan to the national football teams and the city authorities.