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NSW Police Association statement of support

Ralph Kelly
Sydney, NSW 2088, Australia

Jan 15, 2014 — “Every week, families’ lives are devastated as a result of alcohol-fuelled violence. As police officers we know this all too well - we see first-hand the ripple of devastation alcohol-related assaults inflict on our community.

“As a police officer one of the most painful parts of the job is telling parents that their son or daughter has become the victim of a vicious assault, unfortunately it has become an increasingly common part of the role.

“The key to reducing the carnage on our streets is stopping the problem at the source; stopping the violence before it occurs. But in the unfortunate instances when a few drinks do get out of hand, we also need to ensure offenders are faced with penalties that fit the crime.

“Regrettably police officers often see the same familiar faces committing offenses time and again. Making sure that the penalties for committing alcohol-related crimes reflect the devastation they cause and act as a deterrent is critical.



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