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Allow Russian Pokemon TCG players to use English cards

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The Russian Pokemon TCG players are at a huge disadvantage compared to players from the rest of the world. At the moment we are not allowed to use English cards when we play competitively. We are only allowed to use Russian cards, but Nintendo of Russia doesn't ship all of the sets to Russia. We lack more then a half of the promos, we lack all of the sets after Ancient Origins (XY7) while the rest of the world can use everything up to XY10 (and soon it'll be up to XY11).

We have always complained about it to the head of Nintendo of Russia but to no avail. We weren't even given a reason as to why are the English cards not allowed, when the rest of the world can use them freely and all other countries (like France, Germany etc.) have all of the new sets up to date in their native languages. We were even told, that Double Crisis and Generations will not be released in Russia at all! And that makes our deck choices even more poor, since we lack so many playable cards already.

It's been almost 5 months since the release of Ancient Origins in Russia and we've been stuck using the same cards for such a long period of time. We have very few places where we can recieve Play! Points, but even in there we are forced to play by the rules, which put us, Russian players, at a huge disadvantage.

There were Russian Nationals Finals (Masters Division) on the 26th of June. We were forced to only use cards that have Russian text on them. And now we have our champions, who are supposed to go USA and participate in the Pokemon World Championship 2016. And they have just a little bit of time to alter their decks so they would have at least any chance to compete with players, who have much more cards. They have trained under different conditions, and now they have to switch between two completely different metas without any training whatsoever.

We don't ask Nintendo of Russia to ship Russian cards faster, we're not pushing them to their limits. We just want to have the same chances and the same training, which the rest of the world recieves. Please, allow us to use English cards that the rest of the world can use in our competitive play! We want to be on par with all the other players.

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