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Linux Foundation's executive director should use Linux while he promotes it

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The Linux Foundation is one of the greatest ever non-profits with a mission of promoting Linux and other Open Source technologies. During Open Source Summit North America organized by The Linux Foundation, its executive director, Jim Zemlin, has declared 2017 as the «year of the Linux desktop» but ironically this announcement has been made using a proprietary desktop operating system (Mac OS X). What's even more sad, as Linux community has noticed already, it is not the first time for Jim who doesn't use what he actually promotes being a head of the most important organization behind Linux.

The last story has become popular at IT/Linux websites very fast and a significant part of Linux community is really surprised by what Jim has done. Jim has been asked about this issue in Twitter but he doesn't consider it necessarily to make any public comments.

Being such a disastrous example of real Linux usage, The Linux Foundation contradicts its very mission of actual promotion of Linux and other Open Source technologies. We ask The Linux Foundation and Jim Zemlin to investigate into this case and:

  1. Make a public statement explaining why this has happened and clarifying the official position of organization on using Linux by its major public figures (especially considering this «year of the Linux desktop»).
  2. Keep an eye on the major software used for official events of The Linux Foundation. Having a 3rd party company dealing with software/equipment for these conferences is not an excuse as you still can have your own requirements.

Proof links:

  • «Sitting on a plane, watching Jim Zemlin use OS X» (23 Jul 2013) — Matthew Garrett
  • «4 years later, @jzemlin is still rocking an iPad and doing his slides under MacOS» (11 Sep 2017) — Matthew Garrett
  • «Linux Foundation director runs... Mac OS?!» (12 Sep 2017) — Bryan Lunduke @ YouTube
  • «Linux Foundation Head Calls 2017 ‘Year of the Linux Desktop’… While Running Apple’s macOS Himself» (13 Sep 2017) — It's FOSS
  • «Linux Foundation President Used MacOS For Presentation at Open Source Summit» (17 Sep 2017) — Slashdot
  • «Linux Foundation head proclaims year of Linux desktop – from a Mac» (18 Sep 2017) — ITWire


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