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Victory: Governor Rick Scott signed the Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act

Aaron Cohen Law Initiative

Jul 17, 2014 — On July 16, Florida's Governor Rick Scott held a ceremonial bill-signing to draw attention to the Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act, which increases penalties for drivers found responsible for fatal hit-and-run crashes.

The law, which took effect on July 1, imposes a four-year mandatory-minimum prison sentence for drivers convicted of leaving the scene of a crash that kills someone. It boosts the mandatory-minimum prison sentence from two years to four years for a convicted DUI driver who leaves a fatal crash scene.

A person convicted of leaving a fatal crash scene would have his or her driver’s license revoked for three years.

The law also increases the potential penalties for convicted drivers who injure or kill “vulnerable road users” — pedestrians, road construction workers, first responders, as well as those riding bicycles, motorcycles, scooters or animals.

For Aaron Cohen’s wife, Patty Cohen, the law is a bittersweet tribute to her husband because, she said, she hopes the law will save lives.


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