Stop Anthony Taylor from officiating a Chelsea match.

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Anthony Taylor (one of the FA's 'elite' referees) has constantly been biased with his refereeing decisions towards the other opponent whenever he officiates a Chelsea match whether it be a FA cup final or a Premier League match. He's done this numerous occasions such as when Sanchez hand balled it just before scoring his goal against Chelsea and when Harry Maguire deliberately kicked Michy Batshuyai and didn't receive a sanction.

Not only for Chelsea fans, but the neutrals who love watching the beautiful, please can you stop Anthony Taylor from refereeing Chelsea matches. By making this decision, you will now ensure Anthony Taylor's safety, and you will certainly reduce the amount of abuse he receives via social media by millions of people including the likes of former England captain John Terry, Joey Barton, current England central defensive midfielder Declan Rice and NBA start Josh Hart.

Thank you for for reading and it would be ideal if the FA take this into consideration even if the petition is turned down.