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Urgent request to oppose the actions of the Department of Social Welfare and the Child Welfare Committee against Mose Ministries

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The District Collector of Trichy

Respected Sir

Every child, regardless of gender, has a right to life and to the protection of his/her wellbeing. This right is made reference to in the J.J.Act of 2006. The special protection of the state is thus ensured to those children who are unable to grow up with their own parents, or in the context of their own family.

Over the past years we have been following with great interest the efforts of Pastor Gideon Jacob and his wife Ute (Trichy, Tamil Nadu), who since 1994 have been involved in looking after many small girls in Usilampatti. Most of these children were taken in immediately after their birth and have been saved from an almost certain death. As is widely reported in the media, this district has in the past been known for the fact that especially high numbers of female infants fall victim to the illegal dowry practice. Because of Pastor Gideon Jacob's conviction that life is a gift of God and is thus intrinsically of value, and in the knowledge that the mass-murder of female infants will ultimately lead to the destruction of society, it became his urgent desire to open a home. This home would provide somewhere to which parents could come and leave their female infant if they were unable to care for her and if they would otherwise have had little other alternative but to end its life.

As the girls grew up, so their needs increased and the home was transferred to Trichy in 1998. Here the girls were able to attend school and begin a good education. We have a heartfelt interest in the work of Pastor Gideon Jacob - who lived for many years in Germany - and the lives of these 89 precious girls. We have followed the development of these children with great interest and have rejoiced over their progress. We have, however, also seen how these girls have experienced rejection, not only from their own parents, but also, as a result of their background, from society as a whole.

It was with great horror that we heard of the incomprehensible actions of the Indian authorities who for years, with their demand for the fulfillment of continual new requirements, have hindered and delayed the official registration of the Mose Ministries Children’s Home. (As the girls were taken in many years before the J.J. -Act of 2006 was passed, it stands to reason that they were not admitted to the home in accordance with this legislation). The authorities are now making violent attempts to remove the children from their home, with the argumentation that they have not been officially registered. As the 89 girls have been living in the care of Pastor Gideon Jacob and his staff since birth, they have spent their entire childhood of more than 16 years in the Mose Ministries Home. It is their family. The principle responsibility of the Indian authorities is to protect the wellbeing of these already traumatised children. Instead, they are inflicting additional trauma upon them by attempting to separate them from their only security and from the people who serve as their substitute family.

I therefore request urgently that you oppose in no uncertain terms the actions of both the Department of Social Welfare and the Child Welfare Committee and through your intervention in this situation ensure the wellbeing of the children and all others involved.

Yours faithfully,

Gerhard Blache

Copy to:

The Prime Minister of India, New Delhi
The President of India, New Delhi
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, New Delhi
The Minister of Women & Child Development, New Delhi
The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu
The Minister for Social Welfare and Nutritious Noon Meal Programme, Tamil Nadu
The Ambassador of India, Berlin, Germany

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