8/19/2014に開かれたカルフォルニア州フラートン市議会で、The Korean American Forum of California(KAFC)が提案した決議が可決され、フラートン博物館の慰安婦記念碑設置が提案されました。




1.   フラートン市議会とKAFCは日本人を非難しています



2.   慰安婦問題と現代の人身売買は全く違います



3.   慰安婦問題は事実認識に関して現在論争中の問題です



4.   日本の主要紙がフィクションを歴史事実として記事にした誤りを認めました。慰安婦20万人という数も誤りだと発表しました



5.   日系市民の信頼が失われ、福井市との25年間の姉妹都市関係にも亀裂が入ります



6.   地域コミュニティに人種偏見の種をまくことにつながります




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We petition to the City Council of Fullerton to repeal the resolution of House Resolution No.121 espousal adopted on August 19th, 2014.

We petition to the Fullerton Museum Center to disapprove the display of Comfort Women Monument.


On August 19th 2014, at the City of Fullerton in California, approval to the Resolution of Support regarding the House of Representatives Resolution No. 121 (HR 121) - requested by The Korean American Forum of California (KAFC)was carried through by the City Council. Simultaneously, approval was shown to support the Fullerton Museum Center Association displaying the monument honoring Comfort Women.


We are strongly against the display of the Comfort Women Monument in the Fullerton Museum Center. The reasons for these petitions are…


1.   The City Council and the Korean American Forum of California (KAFC) are blaming Japanese.

Mayor Doug Chaffee has stated that Human Trafficking is turning into more of a serious crime in Orange County, and there is a need for the people to confront it. However, it is very questionable as to why the City Council needed to put up the Comfort Women as the symbolic figure to awaken people’s attention. Phyllis Kim of the KAFC stated, “It’s only to acknowledge so it is not repeatedWe are not blaming or criticizing current Japanese people”. Then why did KAFC request the City Council to support HR 121 which demands apology from the Japanese Government? Furthermore, it is obviously unreasonable that the City Council dismissed to make amendments for the last two provisions of the resolutions Council Member Flory had asked.From a logical point of view, it is clear to say that both the KAFC and the City Council are blaming Japanese and Japanese Americans.


2.   The Comfort Women issue and the modern Human Trafficking are completely different.

During the Public Hearings, almost every person who shared his/her opinion quoted about the Comfort Women and the Japanese Imperial Army. Only two out of the thirteen people mentioned about the modern systematized Human Trafficking, which was the main topic of the discussion. The Comfort Women issue and the rapidly growing crime business of Human Trafficking in the United States are completely different. Mixing these two together and arguing as one can lead people to misunderstand the reality of today’s Human Trafficking in a distorted way.


3.   The Comfort Women issue is a controversial issue.

The Comfort Women issue is a diplomatically, historically, and politically complicated issue. The fact City Council supporting HR121 and approving the display of the Comfort Women Monument leads to a direct interference of international affairs happening outside of the United States. The Comfort Women issue is for Japanese and Korean governments to concern about. We would like to remind the City Council of the fact that they are taking a slippery slope by siding with the Korean residents who want the Comfort Women Monument to be displayed.


4.   A Japanese major newspaper has admitted its critical mistakes in the reports.

On August 5th and 6th, 2014, a major Japanese newspaper, Asahi Shinbun, has retracted stories it ran on the Comfort Women issue reporting that what they said before was based on a false account. They claimed that the account of Seiji Yoshida in the 1980s and 1990s – where it was said that he forcibly gathered women in South Korea – was false. Furthermore, Asahi admits that they have confused Comfort Women with those who worked at factories voluntarily during the War. We now know why they had made a mistake in putting out an inaccurate number of Comfort Women which was said 200,000 at first. Asahi has been one of the major newspapers in Japan, the fact which makes this incident even more shocking. This after-report has just been published in English a few days ago.


5.   It will damage the trust of Japanese American residents to the City Council, and it will severe the fine relationships of 25 years between City of Fullerton and City of Fukui, the Sister City in Japan.

The Japanese Americans are respectable citizens who have dedicated their lives before and after WWⅡ to make California grow into the beautiful state as it is known now. A letter which was introduced during the hearing session was written by a second or third generation Japanese American who has been dedicating his whole life to develop the state as it is now. He also has been contributing to the community of Fullerton for many years. In the letter, he clearly states that he is against the display of the Comfort Women Monument. 69 years have passed after WWⅡ, and Japan has been continuously contributing to the world since then. As Japan has established a close relationship with the United States, City of Fullerton has established important sister city relationships with City of Fukui. We should not let this bond ever be severed.


6.   We don’t want racial conflicts in our community.

If there is to be another Comfort Women monument built and displayed in California, it will be bound to bring up further controversial issues and turn away from peace. Moreover, it will expand the gap between Japanese and Korean who will stress ethnic differences, create and produce more prejudice. Please look at the current disastrous situation in Ferguson, Missouri. Since Fullerton is such a culturally diversified community, the Comfort Women issue should be given more careful consideration. None of us wants racial conflicts in our everyday lives.


今日:Japanese Women for Justice and Peaceさんがあなたを信じています

Japanese Women for Justice and Peaceさんは「The City Council of Fullerton and the Fullerton Museum Center: フラートン市議会に対し、2014年8月19日に採択されたHR121を支持する決議を撤廃することを求めます。博物館センターに対し、慰安婦記念碑の展示を承認しないよう求めます。」キャンペーンにあなたの手伝いも必要としています!Japanese Women for Justice and Peaceさんと9,331人の賛同者と一緒うに賛同しましょう。