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Dog slaughter in Dagestan

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The town is flooded with dogs’ blood and covered with dogs’ corpses. Dogs are killed indiscriminately: stray or domestic. Black coloured dogs are killed first - black animals are evil spirits. They are stoned or beaten with metal rods in attempt to immobilize them in order to torture. Their paws are cut off, they get eventraited. A female dog with puppies is the easiest target because she wouldn’t leave her young. After the female dog has been killed her puppies are dealt with. The killers use special needles to pierce them through their mouths or trample them by cars.

It is done for sake of children. The children are watching the massacre and crying.

The murderers who are young shoot the dogs from their cars often when it is dark, and the bullet goes where Allah is willing to direct it. Then they put the videos of the slaughter with dogs’ howling accompanied by the murderers’ mockeries on the Internet.

This is not a horror movie. It is happening in the capital of the Republic of Dagestan in Russian Federation in 21-st century.

According to the media, this is a vengeance for the murder of a 9-years old girl who was walking in the outskirts alone in the evening. They say she was killed by stray dogs but the cause of her death is not clear and not announced.

“The mayor of Makhachkala said: Our aim is protection of the inhabitants and guests of our capital and we’ll do this and we’ll use maximum forces and by any means necessary”.


Many citizens express their protest against the slaughter, but they get only response they receive from the killers is “revenge, revenge… the mayor permits”.

According to the media, in February hundreds of citizens filed reports to the police and authorities regarding the cases of cruelty to animals and the use of firearms in the city. Everyone got the same response that these facts are not proven. None of the killers has been held accountable for the cruelty, no proceedings have been initiated. The crippled dead bodies of the dogs on the streets all over the city are not the evidence.

The budget money for catching stray animals has been spent. The mayor Musa Musaev quickly built kind of a shelter for keeping dogs that have been captured. This place will become another torture for the animals. It is situated above the sea coast where strong cold winds blow. No water supply, no electricity. No kennels, no beddings. Musa, will you try to spend a night there! Can you? This “shelter” was built in proximity to the residential area. Is it to escalate the hate towards the animals?

Ignorance of these authorities is a crying shame. The only one way to reduce the population of stray animals is spaying and neutering them followed by return to their habitat. If it’s not done the trouble that just happened will reoccur. Hundreds of kind and trusting dogs have been slaughtered by dregs. Wild distrustful dogs will come to the town instead. It very difficult to capture such distrustful dogs, it takes weeks and more even for experience catchers. Wild dogs have just gotten a wider habitat and additional feeding area. It means they will deliver more puppies. In several months, the today’s puppies will bear their posterity…

Citizens of Saint-Petersburg, Russia, don’t remember when they saw dog packs or dog females in heat on streets last time. The spaying program was so successful that the neighboring region began castration of the stray dogs 3 years ago and is not going to stop it.

The virus of madness and cruelty - the slaughter of animals - has spread all over Dagestan and its neighboring Kabardino-Balkaria Republic.

In the town of Makhachkala several young women are trying to rescue the wounded animals. Every day citizens call them and ask for help for the injured or crippled animals. There is only one veterinary surgeon who helps them and who has a good professional level. But he has no x-ray equipment. He makes surgeries in his small vet clinic. Who can help these kind people? Please, respond!

We demand from the Attorney to investigate:

  • the facts of animal cruelty in Dagestan
  • the spending on stray animals from the budget of the town of Makhachkala
  • maintenance of the veterinary and sanitary standards in the construction of the shelter
  • disregarding of the citizens’ reports on animal cruelty and the presence of children during the massacres
  • the use the fire and pneumatic arms for killing stray animals in Dagestan

and to hold the perpetrators of the crimes accountable according to the legislation.

Why the dogs do not revenge for their young? Because they are much higher in their development than these Dagestan killers. For the death of animals and their young the Nature will have her revenge. Makhachkala will be full of the wild dogs sooner than one can imagine.

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