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We want that Telltale's The Walking Dead: Collection to be released on PC!

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I just wanted to start by saying that Telltale Games should consider releasing the updated 19 episodes version of All The Walking Dead seasons on PC, and not only on consoles, why you might ask? Well first of all there are many of Telltale fans, who buys and plays Telltale's games on PC or Android/IOS, so Telltale Games are losing a lot of money from not releasing it on PC and Mobiles, 2nd of all some people can not offer to buy a console so Telltale will betray their trust, the trust of thier buyers and fans who loves their games, their The Walking Dead Games seires and would love to play them in all new beauty with this new updated graphics, so i hope that Telltale have atleast some respect and trust to their PC fans and buyers and they will act reasonable by releasing it on PC too, and i don't push Telltale to release it on PC on Dec. 5 when they are going to release console versions, that's fine, but they can atleast release it on PC some time later, maybe along with Season 4 or something like that, so i hope that Telltale Games will consider this message and release The Walking Dead: Collection on PC, Thank You!

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