Hands Off Handsworth - Stop the academisation of Handsworth Primary in E4

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Hands Off Handsworth. Please sign the petition to stop the academisation of Handsworth Primary, in E4, by REach2 Academy Trust. This trust has 50+ schools in its 'business' with executives and upper management, creaming off large salaries. At what expense to true education? Statistics show the academies do not outperform state schools and in many instances their performance suffers after academisation, teachers rights are being eroded under academies, new staff do not need to have formal teacher training, teaching staff morale drops due to the extra stress that is placed on them to try to prove the academy model works, children become stressed with increased testing and no continuity of teaching as teacher turnover increases. Keep community schools in the hands of its community and not in the hands of corporate business. Hands Off Handsworth. 

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