Producing A True Michael Jackson Documentary

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With the help of this petition, I hope to be able to ensure that different parties will come together in order to produce a new Michael Jackson Documentary - of course, I will be looking forward to working with them as much as possible. Since he is not here to defend himself, I see it as my responsibility to do so.

I feel deeply aggrieved by this outrageous and maniac so-called "documentary", which will air in two weeks at the SundanceFilmFestival. Only the thought of 40,000 people witnessing the premiere of a movie consisting of pure lies, immediately urges me to take action. We have to finally stop believing something that has been proven wrong IN COURT many years ago. Michael Jackson has been acquitted of this charge, simply because there should have never been a lawsuit against him in the first place! If you would let me try to convince you with one argument out of thousands: Just ask yourself, why would an apparent victim of sexual assault testify under oath, that the accused molester has "never touched them in any inappropriate way" and even continue to defend him for many years, and then suddenly change their mind, coincidentally precisely when the "victim" would receive millions of dollars for participating in a documentary? Before you decide not to sign this petition, please research these false allegations and trials. You do NOT need to be a fan of his work, admire, or even understand Michael Jackson to see that this man is nothing but completely and entirely innocent. I am only asking you to open your eyes and mind. Please sign this petition and give me, with all the other people willing to fight for the truth, the opportunity to be able to produce a documentary that will show the REAL Michael Jackson: innocent, pure, loving, and kind.

By the way, this whole tragedy only causes me to realize that this issue is so much bigger than Michael Jackson himself. Just think about the countless times people you admire, family members, friends, or even you yourself have been accused of something you never even spent a thought on doing. Lies almost impossible to be proven wrong; tell me, how did it feel?