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Support for Apple CarPlay in Synology DS Audio iOS App

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The DS Audio App for accessing music stored on your Synology NAS system has been around for years. When Apple CarPlay was introduced, users had hopes that this technology will be implemented in the DS Audio App for iOS. CarPlay allows interaction with the app through car entertainment systems of popular car brands such as BMW, Audi and Volkswagen.

People who own a Synology NAS, an iPhone and a car with a supported entertainment system can listen to their music more comfortable than using Bluetooth. The DS Audio App with CarPlay should offer a nice and clean UI for navigating your music library while driving. The use of CarPlay also has advantages in audio quality because the connection is made through the Lightning port of the iPhone. No possible quality loss through non-matching Bluetooth Codecs.


- Comfortable usability (compared to BT)
- Better audio quality (compared to BT)
- Your own music on-screen on in-car entertainment
- Album art (compared to BT)

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